Project 1947: Two Veteran Researchers Update Their Works

Keith Basterfield has kindly offered the results of his latest efforts, his latest catalogues compiled during years of research of the Australian UFO scene. The catalogues cover a wide variety of UFO subjects:

A Catalogue of Australian Observations of UFOS From Aircraft Crew Members and Passengers

A Catalogue of Australian Abduction Cases

A Catalogue of Australian UFO Entity and Related Reports

A Catalogue of Australian Photographic UFO Reports

A Catalogue of South Australian UFO Reports

A Catalogue of Australian Physical Trace Cases

A Catalogue of Australian UFO Vehicle Interference Cases

These updated works join Keith's earlier contributions:

A Draft Catalogue Of Reported UFO Cases Where Implants Are Mentioned


A Catalogue And Analysis Of Australian 'Angel Hair' Cases

These catalogues cover hundreds of Australian cases. Keith's sources are varied: newspapers, magazine articles, accounts submitted by UFO witnesses, personal investigations, cases from the files of UFO groups and individual researchers, Australian government files, UFO books, and UFO journals. Project 1947 is honored to have Keith's monumental works.

We are pleased to announce that important papers from Joel Carpenter's excellent former UFX website are now again available on Project 1947:

Green Fireballs Over Los Alamos: The New Mexico Missile Crisis


Green Fireball Chronology: 1946-February 1949 Green Fireball Chronology

are two important works on the Green Fire Ball phenomenon. These two articles will anchor a number of other files and documents currently on line or currently in preparation on the subject.


Guided Missiles and UFOs: A Tangle of Fear - 1937-53

This four part article explores the relationships among various topics: rocketry and guided missile development, the Cold War and the aerial phenomena called ghost rockets and unidentified flying objects. Joel looks at the complex interplay here. Were the ghost rockets, as many believe, a precursors of the UFOs? Extensive investigations of the Ghost Rockets were made by a number of countries. Reports from attaches and intelligence officials; secret reconnaissance missions; leaks to the press; and concepts of artificial satellite, nuclear powered aircraft, and long range guided missiles; and strange reports both visually and on radar are presented.

A large variety of sources were consulted and a number of unique documents and news accounts are presented in these articles.

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