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Project Pulsar Information

The following form (in our web page) is to be filled out by those foreign organizations, research groups, researchers or scientific organizations interested in exchanging information regarding the PULSAR Project. Individual researchers should fill out the reference section within the form. This is not required for other participants.

Our project may bring limitations for individual researchers. The reports and evidence that are confidential because of military and scientific government politics are outside the boundaries of this knowledge exchange and may not be explained in the project.

The project is undertaken by TUVPO and knowledge exchange is done over the Internet, therefore original documents such as photographs (negative or positive films any type) and video or any type camera films are under the responsibility of the sender and this is accepted by the parties participating in the project. The project is to be run by the project coordinator in the way of knowledge exchange with the present documentation and evidence.

The duration of the project is nearly two years. During this period, those reports, that are not confidential, within the project will be translated and sent to the participants, so they they can in turn send these reports to own news groups and sites.

The publication of these reports will be done in accordance with the copyright regulations to be sent by the project admin in due time. The book to be published in English (Turkish) upon the termination of the project, will be sent to the participants upon request (max.25 copies) free of charge.

Should there be requests regarding the publication and sale of more copies of the book on the project, it will be taken into consideration by us. It is allowed to make quotations from the book to be published and include them in their mailing lists and web pages.

The only financial source for this project is provided by TUVPO who in turn can extend invitations to foreign researchers for knowledge exchange if deemed necessary to different locations and cover all their expenses. Financial sponsorship will also be considered separately.

The technical equipment to be used for analysis in the project are presently available at TUVPO. However the financial support of the participants may be requested for the use of advanced technology in which case all expenses will be covered by TUVPO.

The participants are considered to have accepted the basic conditions stated above TUVPO reserves the right to make any and all changes necessary for the development of the project

related page: http://www.tuvpo.com/proje/destek.htm
related information about project: http://www.tuvpo.com/proje/info.html

Erol Erkmen
Coordinator of Project PULSAR