Hoaxers Beware: Puerto Rico Seeks to Enact Legislation to Combat False Alarms

The Journal of Hispanic Ufology
November 21, 2005

DATE: November 21, 2005

Hoaxers Beware: Puerto Rico Seeks to Enact Legislation to Combat False Alarms

Senator Norma Burgos presented a bill that seeks to classify as a misdemeanor any fantasy “that provokes an unnecessary mobilization of the governmental machinery”

Some may wonder if this may represent a corrective measure on the legislator’s part, who perhaps became aware, finally that the mysterious “unpleasant” video that she mentioned so often – and which caused a mobilization of the governmental machinery – never existed.

Don’t be fooled. Senator Burgos is trying to fight against the Ghost Woman of Lajas.

“Allegations of this manifestation mobilized hundreds of police officers due to the amount of curiosity seekers who reported to the location to witness the [alleged] events,” complained Burgos, who introduced the bill along with senators Hector Martinez and Jose Emilio Gonzalez.

When insisting on Video 59 – that is to say, the Ghost Woman – Burgos noted: “All of this commotion turned out to be a joke concocted by two people with the aim of frightening a third party.”

Scanned image of 'false alarms' bill

Translation (c) 2005, IHU. Special Thanks to Jose Martinez Echevarria, Proyecto Argus

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