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Puerto Rico: Camuy Girl Terrified by Hairy Creature Materialization

The Journal of Hispanic Ufology
October 3, 2006

DATE: 10.02.06

PUERTO RICO: Camuy Girl Terrified by Hairy Creature Materialization

Location: Camuy

Date: An evening between September 19-22, 2006

Time: Between 10:30 and 11:00 PM

Witness: Daughter of a paranormal researcher in Puerto Rico (names on file with

Age: 7 (researcher describes child as being serious and mature for her age; not given to falsification)

Brief Description: A set of red eyes came in through the window and materialized into a hairy creature beside the girl. Upon materialization, its estimated height was 5 feet 6 inches (judging by the girl's mother's height), all hairy "like lions" (black fur), human shaped mouth with dirty canine-like teeth, pointed ears like those of a dog, hairy human hands with canine-like nails (claws), human feet. It growled, was unclothed, and tried to grab her. The entity did not issue any odor or stench. No temperature changes were reported.

Brief Summary: At around 10:30 to 11:00 PM., the girl's mother (the fiancee of a well-known paranormal researcher), told the girl to go to her grandparent's bathroom to brush her teeth and go to bed. The girl went out of the room in search of her mother, terrified and weeping, trembling with fear. She told her mother that "the Chupacabras" was in her grandparents room and had tried to seize her. After the mother calmed her down, the girl told her what happened: she entered her grandparent's room (which has a window facing a school - eastward exposure) and was about to open the bathroom door when she saw red eyes drift into the window.

The eyes materialized on her right into something she described as having her mother's height (5'6"), hairy all over like a lion (black fur), man-shaped mouth with dirty canine-like teeth, pointed ears like those of a dog, hairy human hands with canine-like nails (claws), human feet. It growled, was unclothed, and tried to grab her. She started to run and scream. When she ran toward the bedroom's exit, the creature followed, making as if to grab her. She shut the bedroom door behind her and ran to her mother. The paranormal researcher interviewed the child several times and her statement of the facts did not change; it was obvious that remembering the events inspired fear. When Lucy Guzman interviewed the mother and child two weeks later (October 2, 2006), the girl retold her experience calmly and the version of the events was identical to the mother's. Guzman inquired if any good or bad odors had been present, and the girl replied that "it neither smelled nor stank." Guzman asked if the room had grown hot or cold, and the girl replied that the air conditioner had been on at the time, remaining at the same level of coolness throughout.

Comments: The child reported having felt something watching her earlier, but was unaware of what it could be. The mother (a serious young woman) is sensitive and has clairaudient and clairvoyant abilities. It appears that the child has inherited this gift).

Note: The researcher has a sketch of something similar to what the girl reported seeing. It was a case from many years ago in the same area. The report and sketch appeared in the defunct "El Mundo" newspaper. At the time, residents of the site had gone out to find the creature but could not find it. The researcher will try to find this information (on microfilm) and will print it to show it to the child and confirm if that is what it saw.

Reported by: Mother and daughter to the anonymous researcher; mother and daughter to Lucy Guzman,

(translation (c) 2006, Scott Corrales, Institute of Hispanic Ufology. Special thanks to Lucy Guzman)

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