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Puerto Rico: Startling Light Appears in Guanica's Vivones District

The Journal of Hispanic Ufology
October 21, 2007

Source: ARGUS-PR
Date: October 20, 2007

Puerto Rico: Startling Light Appears in Guanica's Vivones District
** A report from Jose A. Martinez E.**

A strange yellow light was reported today (Saturday, October 20th) in the Vivones District of the city of Guanica. Mr. Dolores Toro and his wife, accompanied by a niece, were chatting calmly when they suddenly heard a sound described as "when a damaged hen's egg explodes." Shortly after, the witnesses reported seeing a reddish light appearing from the balcony to the house, and then passed in front of them. A neighbor [interviewed by J.A. Martinez] remarked that she had seen the strange light that lit her house "like daylight", according to Mrs. Diana Santiago, a neighbor of Mr. Toro.

Mrs. Santiago thought at first that Mr. Toro was shining a flashlight into her home, and he quickly told her that no, that it was that strange light that came out of nowhere and vanished. Another local resident was able to see the luminous object as it descended from the sky and according to her, the object that caught everyone unawares had something like "two tails".

Weather conditions: It had rained earlier in this area, not torrential however. As many people are aware, electric power lines may have a reaction to the rain which causes them to buzz, becoming only louder with the rainfall. When the case involving the reddish light took place, the rain had stopped for a number of hours and the night sky was completely clear and starry by 6:56 p.m., when Mr. Toro allegedly heard the buzzing sound. The possibility that the event was a natural phenomenon cannot be dismissed.

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