Salem, Oregon Possible Alien Abduction

Date: 1970-1971
Time: N/A

Message: I really can't confirm this event, but I am sure that my son's have not lied to me about it, all these years. One will talk about it and the other does not want to. Both agree on the information however. This would have taken place about 1970-1971 in Salem Oregon.

I was living with my husband, sons and was pregnant with a daughter East of Salem. We were renting a house from my grand-father. There was a lot of things out back that the boys loved to play in, a old storage barn, full of all kinds of thing, and then there was a hen house, barn and shed. At the back of the property was a large tree and the boys wanted to build a tree house. They were 6 and 5 years old. I was always concerned about them getting hurt, but allowed them to roam the property.

I did not hear of this till about 5 years ago. The boys are now 40 and 39 years old. We were talking about the property we used to live at and then the talk went to UFO's etc.. I was telling them about the ones I had seen. Anyway one of the boys said" Mom, did I ever tell you about the small bald headed kids we used to play with? I was taken aback and said NO. What about them. Well apparently for some days, there were several, 2 -3 small bald headed kids that came and played with my boys. They said they dressed funny and did not talk, but they could hear them.

Then they said that one day, the youngest of the two were up in the tree house and I called them into the house. He was startled and came down to fast, ripping his hand on the nails on the ladder to the tree house, nailed on to the tree. He said it really hurt and was bleeding and he knew I would freak out. Then he said one of the bald kids took his hand in theirs and just held it for a minute and the bleeding and pain was gone and when he looked, there was not any cuts or scrapes etc. I asked them why they did not tell me, and they said, "they thought they would get into trouble for building the tree house, after I told them not to do it.

So when I was 30 years old, my two sons, had the experience of a life time, and I was the one interested in UFO's and I did not even know what was happening in my own back yard.

Note: The youngest one has had at least one adult experience. He was with a friend, it was late Christmas or New Years eve and they stopped on the bridge, ( no traffic ) to watch what they thought was a bright light. ( streetlight? ) But it was long anyway and it seemed to move towards them. The next thing he knew was that they woke up in the car parked in the parking lot below the bridge, by the boat launch. He was in his 20's then. She was freaked out and did not want to talk about it any more.

Thank you to the Mother for this report.


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