Salta residents recall "Thing that fell from the sky"

Translation (C) 2003 Scott Corrales

SOURCE: El Tribuno Digital Aregentina
DATE: February 26, 2003


**Communities southeast of Salta witnessed the surprising event in August 1995**

The time was 1:45 pm on August 17, 1995. An unidentified flying object fell mysteriously from the sky against Cerro Colorado, a hard to reach area near the community of El Galpón. The vehicle, cylindrical in shape, according to local residents, exploded in such a way that it caused the earth to shake.

"The object zig-zagged and produced a strong tremor when it fell," say the main witnesses of the event, Paz Zamana and her husband Juan Cisneros, who own a house on the slopes of the hill were the object collided. The elderly spouses remarked that "the thing passed this way several times. One night we saw it as an orange light and at the other day it came back lovelier and shinier.It remained suspended in the air and then it exploded and fell behind the hill".

The event, witnessed by thousands in a 300 km circunference, caused the earth to shake and frightened the locals. "I was home when I heard a tremendous explosion. When I went out I got to see the smoke. The people of [the town of] Joaquin V. Gonzalez left their homes when they felt the explosion that caused the earth to shake, and they headed by car and on foot toward the Juramento River, drawn by the phenomenon, " said Antonio Galvano, an experiences pilot and one of the main researchers in the sighting. "I immediately took to my small plane and flew over the area for several days until I found a large strip, measuring some 300 meters wide and many more in length, which was at the summit of Cerro Colorado at an elevation of some 900 meters. From what I saw, the expansion wave razed all the vegetation in the area, incinerating trees and pastures."

According to Galvano, who belives to this day that a UFO collided there, "the spacecraft fell on account of a malfunction and prior to hitting the ground unleashed the conflagration that left the strip. Then it collided and caused it all to shake. The phenomenon was seen at El Galpón, Tunal, Joaquin V. Gonzalez and Metán."

Another startling bit of information is that Galvano, as he covered the area in his ultralight, suffered a short circuit and the aircraft plummeted inexplicably, since it was in tip-top condition. The site was eventually reached by a rescue team composed by some 20 people. "Their task was authorized by the police, but they found nothing because the object had fallen into a canyon which could only be reached by helicopter."

It then happened that within a few days and over two months, strange English-speaking individuals worked in the area and combed it using helicopters and pickup trucks, said Galvano.

Translation (C) 2003 Scott Corrales
Institute of Hispanic Ufology (IHU)
Special thanks to Christian Hernán Quintero, PLANETAUFO.

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