Upsurge in San Luis Valley Reports

Report from Christopher O'Brien

2 November 1998

After two years of relative quiet, reports of unusual activity in the San Luis Valley have increased in recent weeks. As a result, I have elected to forward these reports to you.


Thur October 8, 1998 10:30 PM, Highway 160; 4 miles west of Blanca, CO MA1/FB1 Alamosa County (O'Brien)

R.A.L. West, while headed east on Highway 160 (near the curve 4 miles west of Blanca, CO), observed an amber colored "hemispherical-shaped" light hovering over the Blanca Massif. She estimated the lights size as around Venus-sized. After a few seconds, the object appeared to jump approximately 20 degrees upward. West pulled off the road and parked (with her engine running) to carefully observe the light. The witness is confused and could not completely remember how long she watched, but she guessed "several minutes." The next thing she clearly recalled was the craft flying at a high rate of speed above her car; headed NE to SW. She described a "triangle-shaped array of white and amber lights" blinking in sequencially in "patterns" on the underneath side. She could not estimate the crafts altitude, nor was she able to make out the craft's shape or structure. She did not hear any sound except her car engine running. No other cars were on the road in the immediate vicinity, and I have not received any other reports of this event. West mentioned another sighting that m ay have been military related on August 5, 1998 [see August Report section--tmv]

Tue October 13, 1998, 9:00 PM Crestone/Baca Developmnt, CO Saguache County AN1 (O'Brien)

A "weird amber-colored light" was observed by four witness moving north-to-south. The object appeared to be "way up in the sky," but ". . . was larger and moving faster than a regular satellite."

Wed October 14, 1998, 11:30 AM, Los Cumbres Golf Course, Crestone, CO AN1 (O'Brien)

Golfer on the par four--fouth hole fairway, observed a "silver-colored disc hovering over Mt Adams," (a 13,000' mountain just north of Crestone Peak), about 8 miles north of his location. Object seemed to wobble, but did not appear to be headed anywhere. Golfer made his second shot and could still see the craft. He headed toward the green watching it. After making his third shot the object had disappeared. He estimated the object was visible for at least 5 minutes.

Sat October 24, 1998, Just before sunset, Highway 17 near Mineral Hot Springs, Saguache County AN1 (O'Brien)

Motorist observed "two large glowing white objects" that fell at a high rate of speed toward the ground "over Alamosa," (45 miles south). The witness at first thought the objects were meteors, but realized the sun was still up and it was still light out, and the objects did not resemble normal meteors; they were "... not as bright." Duration "a couple of seconds." [Large daylight meteor sightings?--tmv]

Tue October 27, 1998, 9:30 PM Center, CO Saguache County, AN1 (O'Brien)

Fabian Sauvo reports a anomalous unblinking bright red light directly north of Hooper, CO. The light at times appeared to hover, but seemed to be traveling slowly SW-to-NE. Calls me real-time and I am able to see the object from my roof.


Tue October 27, 1998, 9:30 PM Baca Grande Development, Saguache County AN1 (O'Brien)

Sauvo after several minutes on the phone to me, was able to describe the above red-lights location, and I observe the light for several seconds before it disappeared into a cloud bank. I waited for awhile, but it never emerged from the cloud. The light seemed to be between 4 and 5,000' above the ground and over the Sand Piles on Highway 17; between Hooper and Moffat, CO. [Rare to get a call and be able to simultaneously see an anomalous object a UFO (or military craft?) while on the phone with another witness!--tmv]

Fri October 29, 1998, Baca Grande Development Saguache County (O'Brien)

Resident reports small objects hitting her roof. No hail or rain was present at the time. House is out in the Valley and has no tall trees within a quarter-mile. Activity is tip of the iceberg. Small hooded figures (about 4' tall) on a couple of occasions, have been seen (during the preceeding two weeks), running past the windows. Heavy footsteps have been heard in the house, but no one is there. A tapered "hairy-pig" was reportedly seen outside running past the house. [there are no wild/hairy pigs in the SLV to my knowledge. This sounds like a "Prairie Dragon" sighting--tmv] Witness claims they were "slammed into a door" be an unseeen force several days earlier. The event left "a bruise on her cheek" and was witnessed by a painter working in the house several feet away. This particular house has a history of unusual dimensional-sounding activity by prior residents, but has been apparently dormant for two-years until the last two weeks in October '98.

The following day, Sat October 30, 1998, at 11:00 PM, same location CE1 (O'Brien)

Same witness observes a foot-long oval-shaped object enter through her back door and slowly head up the hallway toward her. She described the anomaly as being "milky-looking with a reflective band around the rim." The band appeared to be like chrome. The witness was so startled she stopped looking at the object which apparently then disappeared. She estimated, at it's closest, it was 10' away from her as it came toward her down the hallway. [I've been waiting for the new owners to report unusual activity in this house. They're BACK!--tmv]


Tue Sept 1, 1998, 9:40 AM, Highway 17 and 160 Alamosa, Alamosa County, CO (O'Brien)

I was headed to Alamosa, CO, when I happened to follow a red late-model Cadillac wirth Oklahoma license plates onto Highway 17 off of Road T, headed out of Crestone/Baca Dev. The caddy sped off south and caught up with a CO State Patrol Vehicle; driving in an unmarked semi's blind-spot, on Highway 17. I caught up with the three of them 5 miles north of Hooper, CO, and followed them all the way into town. The caddy tail-gated the State Patrol and Semi the entire 30 miles into Alamosa, where all three turned into the Loaf & Jug truck parting lot at the corner of 160 and 17. Then, less than a minute later two blocks east, an unmarked sedan with alternating-flashing head and tail lights (w/ a heavy-set man in a dark suit at the wheel) dashed around traffic, and headed toward Loaf & Jug. I then noticed a Haz Mat response van a block later. During the trip south on 17, several obvious speeders went by and the Patrol car ignored them all. He also kept right on the semi's tail, even when the truck traveled way under the speed limit. The caddy stuck less than 30 feet from the patrol car for over 30 miles. Coincedence? As I returned down Road T, at 11:20 AM, I noticed a white unmarked Bronce w/ US Government plates sitting at the Road 65T enterance of the Baca Ranch. [Go figure . . . When the convoys appear aerial reports usually follow--tmv]

SAME NIGHT [why am I not surprised?--tmv]

10:15 PM to 10:25 PM North Central San Luis Valley Saguache/Alamosa/Custer County, CO (O'Brien)

Large craft with alternating pulsing white lights heard and/or spotted by numerous Creston/Baca Grande residents. A loud, low-pitched rumbling sound rattled windows and alerted residents to the crafts presence. Several versions stated the craft took between 5 and 10 minutes to cross the Valley, from west to east, and illuminated the clouds over the Sangres as it just passed over the range.

Mon Sept 14, 1998, at 6:15 AM Highway 285-North of Monte Vista, CO AN1 Rio Grande/Saguache County (O'Brien)

A Monte Vista, CO resident, while headed north on 285 witnessed a "V-shaped craft hovering over the tops of the mountains to the west." The sun has above the horizon and seemed to reflect off the object "like the sun reflecting on an airplane wing," but the object's structure was still plainly visible to the witness. The witness described the object as looking like "2 big rectangular pillers put together in a V-shape. . . the size of three (commercial jet) airliners." The witness observed the craft for over ten minutes before he traveled to far north and left it behind him--still hovering over the mountains. No one else driving on 285 seemed to notice the object which puzzled the witness because, "it was so big." [end of report log entries]

Word is going out to our SLV network and skywatchers are being asked to be extra vigilant. Several organized watches are being planned. Your feedback and/or comments are requested.

Take care...

Christopher O'Brien


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