More San Luis Valley Sightings

Report from Christopher O'Brien

13th November 1998


The recent October upsurge in unexplained aerial activity in the San Luis Valley seems to be continuing here in November.

Thu Nov 12, 1998 @ 6:15 pm Northern San Luis Valley Chaffee/Custer/Huerfano County FB1 (O'Brien/O'Brien)

Last night my brother and I witnessed an unusual aerial object. We were driving north in the Baca Development and directly in front of us, framed in the windshield, we watched an extremely bright steady light rise quickly from behind the mountains around the Salida/Howard area.

The light which was initially brighter and slightly larger than Venus and visible for about two minutes shot up and out, SW to NE, at a 25 degree angle. It never varied its speed, which appeared to be twice as fast as a cruising commercial jetliner, or around 1000 to 1200 mph. As it climbed higher, it became smaller and smaller and disappeared to the SE.

The object appeared to be just inside the western side of the La Veta Military Operations area.

SAME NIGHT 9:45 pm Mesita, CO, Rio Grande, Alamosa, Conejos Counties MA1 (O'Brien/Peay)

Two witnesses in Mesita, CO were returning home when they spotted TWO bright, unblinking lights rise 100 miles away to the NW around the Treasure Mtn/Wolf Creek Pass area. The lights moved in tandam-about 1degree apart and appeared to be a single object.

One witness observed the 30 second sighting w/ binoculars. The lights appeared to head SE at around an altitude of 3500 to 4000 feet, (toward the witnesses) before slowly turning and heading south at the San Luis Hills in the middle of the SLV. At its closest point to the witness observing w/ binoculars, the object blocked out the background stars betweeen the lights.

Witness estimated the distance between the two lights as "about 600 feet," and he described the sighting (one of a dozen he has had in the last two years) as being "by far the most spectacular night sighting" he has experienced.

The sighting took place 75 - 50 miles west of the La Veta MOA.

Christopher O'Brien

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