San Luis Valley Update

Report from Christopher O'Brien

22nd February 1999

Dear Investigator/Researchers:

After a numbing 8 weeks off-line dealing w/ a nasty cyber-virus and a nearly trashed computer, I am back on-line.

First off, Enter The Valley (St. Martin's Paperbacks ISBN 0-312- 96835-3), the second of four books examining the San Luis Valley, has finally been published. If ETV is not available at your favorite bookstore, please let me know. Any comments and feedback will be warmly appreciated.

Reports of unusual aerial activity in the greater San Luis Valley area have increased dramatically during the first two months of 1999. The following are several of the more compelling cases:

Tue Jan 26, 1999 : La Veta, Huerfano County, Colorado

Tue Jan 26, 1999 at 8:15 - 8:32 PM, La Veta, CO-Huerfano County/La Veta MOA CE1 UNDER INVESTIGATION (Perkins)

PRELIMINARY REPORT "Seven witnesses" see a large craft hovering over golf course near the town of La Veta, CO in the center of the La Veta, Military Operations Area. Two witnesses claim they were between "1/8 and 1/4 mile" away from the "600 foot" craft which was described as "hovering" over small lake located on a golf course across the street from their store. First witness, a woman, had walked outside as she and her husband were closing up shop and was startled to see what she initially thought was "a 747 landing." Immediately she realized it wasn't moving. The unconventional-looking craft appeared to have wings and bright lights in the front. It was described as translucent- looking and was accompanied by a low humming sound. Initially structure was not visible. Then, after summoning her husband, they both observed "orange-colored portholes" appear on the side. Witnsseswatched as the object shot a probe-like beam downward toward the lake. Trees obscured their view of the lake surface, but they assumed the beam or tube was going down into the water. More details will be provided after further investigation.

January 22nd 1999 : 2 miles South of Costilla, New Mexico

FRI Jan 22, 1999 between 10:00 and 10:30 PM 2 miles S of Costilla, NM turnoff MA1 (Paye/O'Brien) Two motorists traveling north on NM 522 in separate cars, 9 miles south of the CO/NM border, Taos County NM, claimed to have separate but simultaneous unusual experiences. Brad Sleep, a UNM college student was following his girlfriend, Sarah Fisher when he witnessed what appeared to be a large meteor descending straight down toward the ground. The object was white colored and had a short tail. After descending quickly for a couple of seconds, the object abruptly stopped, changed color to a reddish white and hovered in a stationary position for "45-60 seconds" at about "35,000 to 40,000' feet in altitude. He observed this directly in front of him to the north. He slowed his truck and Sarah, who didn't observe the aerial object, continued on. Sleep pulled over to the side of the highway, turned off his engine and climbed out of his pickup truck as the object began a series of 12 to 15 , 6 degree wide lateral figure-eights. Each figure eight tok approximately 3 seconds to complete. Then the object headed to the SE, directly overhead, toward Taos. The craft had a roar similar to a jet plane but sounded different. "There was a reverberating hum that was different." Sleep observed that a single object ". . . seemed to be responsible" for the event, noting "if it was one craft, it sure wasn't conventional." He also said the event "could have been some kind of exchange between two objects."

Sarah, meanwhile claims that when she had proceeded "about a mile" up the road from the time Brad stopped, a strangly lit car went by that "was all lit up on the sides by light that wasn't supposed to be thre." As soon as the lit-up car had passed her, headed south, several small objects rained down on the upper part of the driver side windshield. She thought the two events were strange and after they had driven the remaining three miles to town Brad told her of his sighting and she related her experience. Brad didn't remember a car passing by him as he stood outside his car watching the object.

Thur Feb 4, 1999, 9:30-10:00 PM San Antonio Mountain, Taos County NM

February 4th 1999 : Between San Isabelle and N. Crestone Creek, Saguache County, Colorado

KRZA transmitter goes down for five days

Thur Feb 4, 1999, 9:30-10:00 PM between San Isabelle and N. Crestone Creek Saguache County AN1 (O'Brien)

Two witnesses driving south on Highway 17 observe "a brilliant orb of white light" hovering around 200' off the ground to the east of them. At one point during the 35 to 40 second sighting one witness (a retired career Air Force officer) noted the object shot a beam of light at the ground "like it was looking for a place to set down." There are no roads in the area where the object was spotted. The following morning at 7:45 AM, the ex-Air Forcer observed a dark grey van with smoked windows and government plates headed into Crestone. He noticed that the van had "no other markings . . . which seemed odd." He instantly connected the van with the previous night's sighting. He felt ". . . they were looking for whatever we saw the night before."

Fri Feb 5, 1999 Baca Grande Development, CO Saguache County I attempt to interview government scientists in grey van at a stop sign. They claim they were "with the National Weather Service" and decline to divulge why they were in the area. I counted 8 people in this particular van. They were dressed in dress shirts and slacks and looked like scientists. Another Crestone resident claims to have seen a second government van that morning, but it was "dark blue."

Tue Feb 9, 1999 9:55 to 9:58 PM Northern/Middle San Luis Valley CO FB1 (O'Brien)

Myself and another witness observe a fast moving unblinking dull- orange orb travel NW to SE over the SLV. Object seemed to be below 5,000' in altitude and was 2 to 3X the size of Venus (at setting). Covered the 100 mile distance in about 3 minutes.

February 19th 2006 : San Luis Valley, north of Center, Colorado

Sat Feb 13, 1999 at 3:05 PM SLV, north of Center, CO MA1 Saguache County (O'Brien)

Two witnesses observe a erratically moving silver reflection that was visible three times--each time for several seconds. Object seemed to be below 2,000' in altitude and made sharp twisting turns. One witness described it as looking like "a fishing lure in the sky." The second witness was able to focus a pair of binoculars on the object and described it as being "kind of rectangular-looking, but with no wings." 12 to 15 minutes later, a flight of 4 fightrs buzzed the area headed north, the wrong way up the SLV, instead of down. The jets flew over the same area where the object had been seen.

February 21st 1999 : Westcliffe, Custer Count, Colorado

Sun Feb 21, 1999 at 10:15 AM Westcliffe, CO FB1 Custer County (O'Brien) Two witnesses (one of them a pilot) report two jet fighters, one in front of the other) flying W to E at 50,000' in altitude at between 1,000 and 1,500 mph. Pacing the the second jet was an object that seemed about 10,000' below the jets. This object was rounded and was reflecting a goldish color. The jets left contrails the third object did not. The pilot/witness was puzzled by how fast all three craft were traveling. "They were definitely flying faster than the speed of sound."

These are several of the more compelling reports I have fielded these past two weeks. I am also investigating a claim by a local law enforcement officer that "the guys on graveyard were seeing weird meteor-like objects nightly for two weeks" (The first two weeks in January.) More on these events later . . .

Christopher O'Brien

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