After a seven year hiatus away from south-central Colorado's San Luis Valley (SLV), apparently the mysterious cattle surgeons are back. Although rumors of other cases have circulated around the valley-area from time-to-time over the the last few years, no official reports of unusual livestock deaths have been filed until this past Friday. This changed this past wee when a rancher reported a head of mutilated livestock found south of Monte Vista, CO near the Wildlife Refuge. Another case may have occurred last month near Jaroso, CO when a motorist chased an "'orange light" and returned to the site two days later and found what he described as "a mutilated cow", but as of now I have not confirmed this story with the witness.

I was told by the Sheriff of Conejos County of another SLV case that allegedly occurred in December 2001 that featured a landed object and bright "blue and red lights" but the witness refused to officially report the mutilated cow found in the field where the lights were seen the night prior.

Last summer several cases were officially reported in southwestern Nebraska and Northeastern Colorado. These cases were investigated by Linda Howe and her investigations were featured on a recent History Channel television special. Since 2000 over 2000 cases have been reported in South America but very few, if any, in North America.

[San Luis Valley, CO] Valley Courier Saturday April 23, 2005

Cattle Mutilation Investigated

DEL NORTE The Rio Grande Sheriff’s Office is investigating a cattle mutilation discovered in the county Friday morning. Rio Grande County Sargant Jon Gonzales said the sheriff’s office received the report on the mutilation, which was found in a field off County Road 29, at 9:57 a.m. Friday. “The facial area of the cow was removed from the back of the jaw to the front of the nose by the eye line,” Gonzales said. Gonzales said the cut seemed precise, but there was a small amount of blood. “The manner in which it was removed is still under investigation at this point,” Gonzales said. Gonzales said no other parts of the cattle were removed. “We don’t have suspects,” Gonzales said. “If anyone has any information leading to an arrest, we’d be happy to hear it.” Gonzales said a person convicted of the mutilation could face cruelty to animal and trespassing charges.

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