Argentina: Ghost in Santa Fe

The Journal of Hispanic Ufology

SOURCE: Proyecto Catent and Infobae
DATE: 03.24.06


An apparition dressed in white has caused a commotion in the locality of Frontera, where children refuse to go to school because they saw the figure during school hours when it entered a classroom. Garbage collectors refuse to work at night. They are unsure as to whether or not the apparition is malign.

Manifestations of a female image dressed in white, like a bride, has startled residents of the town of Frontera in Santa Fe, Argentina.

Residents claim that the figure appears for a matter of seconds and then vanishes without a trace.

Father Victor Balanguero of the parish of Our Lady of Fátima led a procession in which approximately fifty people walked through the streets, reciting prayers.

The presence of this woman in white caused a psychosis among the population: during the procession, it was possible to see women scattering holy water against houses to chase away the spirit.

Balangero told the La Voz del Interior newspaper that he agreed to accompany the people because he was motivated by the anguish and despair that some of the faithful feel with regard to this mysterious presence.

The religious said that "the majority of the eyewitness accounts coincide on the physiognomy, clothing and mannerisims" and remarked that "at no time did anyone say that the image had approached them or tried to harm them."

A young woman said that she was with her boyfriend when she saw the image of a woman dressed in white. "It made no sound whatsoever, moved forward and backward, until it finally vanished into a wall," she said.

Furthermore, it is said that the enigmatic woman appeared in a school classroom, and while teachers endeavored to dispel rumors of the apparition, "many kids do not want to go to class out of fear for the spirit."

Even garbage collectors have refused to cover the area where the image was seen and asked permission to do their job by the light of day.

Translation (c) 2006. Scott Corrales, IHU.
Special thanks to Proyecto Catent.

UFOINFO would like to thank Scott Corrales (Inexplicata & Inexplicata Blog) for granting permission to use this article.


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