The Journal of Hispanic Ufology
June 28, 2005

DATE: June 28, 2005


A family returning home to Santiago witnessed the road and surrounding countryside become "illuminated" by a "light". They still can't explain what happened.

Sunday night turned into daytime for a few moments, at least for members of the Abdo family. As they returned to Santiago de Chile from the city of Loreto, where they spent the weekend, "the road and the surrounding countryside lit up unexpectedly" only a few meters before the "Vuelta de la Barranca" roadsign.

This was the story given by the family's three members. "It was a tremendous glow that turned the area into daylight. We could see clearly to the full extent of our vision, both front and back and to the sides," said Gaby Daher, Carlos Abdo's wife and mother of "Carlitos", to the El Liberal newspaper.

The vehicle's occupants explained that the "light" had a "soft sky blue color" that putatively came "from above", although they were unable to see any vehicle or figure that could be identified.

"Carlitos" remarked that he saw a white contrail on the horizon similar to the ones left in the wake of jet airliners.

The car and its occupants traveled a distance of some 200 meters with "everything lit up" around them. The "brightness" disappeared as suddenly as it emerged. Darkness enveloped the road once more and the car's headlights continued to illuminate a small area of the highway.

The Abdo family has still found no answer to this phenomenaon. Only a few years ago, local residents claimed having seen unidentified flying objects (UFOs).

Translation (c) 2005. Scott Corrales, IHU.
Special thanks to Martha Rosenthal.

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