March 21, 2005

Between 1900 and 1910, as was common in many areas, a quarter section land could be obtained from the government for ten dollars, provided the buyer resided on it in a house built worth at least three hundred dollars, for six months of the year for three years, and thirty acres was put into crop. This provided a good incentive for early settlers to come out and make their homes. It also provided many jobs.

New people arrived in covered wagons, on horseback, and on river barges. Some even hiked on foot, from places like Regina, in search of a place to build a homestead. Many settlers lived in tents before building their homes with sod roofs.
Prior to the construction of the railroad, mail was brought by a team or Pony Express. It was wide-open country for miles with no fences or roads and just a trace of an occasional wagon trail.

The people brought the customs of their own countries with them and carried on the traditions of their families without outside interference. They worked the land with blood, sweat and tears and breathed life into todays generations. It was a time when a man's word meant something and everyone carried their own weight.

Entertainment was held in the form of social gatherings, church functions, school functions and sport functions. People held their beliefs close to their hearts and when in question, would turn to their church.

Beneath the exterior of normal every day life there existed an other-worldly presence. That which could not be explained was labeled as ghost and the prairie revealed its apparitions in dwellings and isolated stretches of roads, fields and even the sky.

It was a time of secrets as many held their tongues for fear of what their neighbours may think of them. A time when a reputation meant everything and was not worth loosing over ghostly concerns. As a result many were buried with their secrets. Those are stories forever lost to us all.

Archives attest the first recorded silver disk sighting to have occurred in Battleford back in 1890. Then in 1909, three children witnessed a strange light while out tending to cattle near Cudworth. Lights were commonly reported and were often associated to "ghostly" apparitions. The most famous, of course, was the Tabor Light.

The first recorded alien encounter seems to have taken place during the summer of 1933. In those days the term "alien" was unheard of and so these beings were referred to as "little green men". Though this was not due to the colour of their skin.

One can only imagine what it must have been like to have seen a strange craft land with these strange looking beings. Having nothing really to relate it to, a witness could only describe what they had seen as best they could. Imagine how difficult that must have been. How could something so utterly out-of-place and bizarre interrupt their lives like that?

Saskatchewan records two known encounters with "little green men" during the summer of 1933. After a week-long period of strange lights in the sky, a woman and two men decide to investigate the area around Tobin Lake. All three witnessed a craft and about a dozen humanoid figures in silvery suits, helmets and ski masks, who appeared to be working on the craft. Several days later strange impressions were found in the ground at the landing site.

Not too far away on a farm near Cudworth, a young girl about the age of 6 was alone in a field by a pond when she observed a number of little green men in silvery suits across the otherside.

Two years later another encounter occurred around Nipawin by a woman and two men; quite possibly the same three who came upon the 1933 sighting. Again traces of the landing were discovered afterwards.

February 1938, a lone man walking along Sinnet Road saw a figure approaching. He thought nothing of it until the figure suddenly transformed into a fireball, flew high over the cemetery gate and telephone wires and then disappeared among the tombstones, still in flames.

It appears there was quite a lot of activity in late fall through to December that year. A pilot who flew the night mail between Regina and Moose Jaw, reported seeing lights from a ghost plane. November 30th, a scoffing-unbeliever sees fire in the sky over Regina. Reports of the Tabor Light occur throughout December and on the 29th of December a farmer in Mossbank reports seeing a strange light.

In 1954, a farmer in Bengough hears a strange sound and then sees a craft. He is able to see two occupants and describes them as wearing helmets and goggles.

Saskatoon September 19, 1963 four children had a strange encounter with a bright object and a 10 foot tall man wearing white robes. He had no face and appeared to be semi-transparent. One of the girls had to be hospitalized for 2 weeks for the trama.

Esterhazy 1966, a three-year-old child experiences a visit in her bedroom. The being appeared normal except for very bright eyes. Melfort October 30, 1967 a man observes a craft and three small beings about the size of ten-year-olds coming from the craft.

1974 Moose Jaw, three witnesses were parked in their car when a lighted object landed outside. Two human-like beings came from the object and then proceeded to walk around on their hands. The beings wore silver clothing and helmets. One of the witnesses suffered extreme fright and had to be treated by a medical doctor.

1974 was busy as numerous crop circles had been discovered throughout the province. This was also the year that Langenburg farmer Edwin Fuhr encountered five saucers spinning in his crop. This would become the most famous crop circle case in the history of Saskatchewan.

In Peter Pond Lake 1977, a scaley creature, reptilian in nature was seen exiting the water and a glowing spacecraft was seen landed on a farm in Alvena. In January that year, a Weyburn woman experienced a visitation by coloured lights inside her home.

1987 Regina, a man was dozing off to sleep in his bed when in a dream-like state he saw three beings in the room. Later, a metal object resembling a bone chip had been removed from the man's hand.

Meadow Lake 1990, a child woke feeling the need to look out the window and then saw a tall bright white human-shaped figure soon disappear. Investigation in the morning revealed strange tracks in the mud which looked to be of human origin except for an extra toe.

Those are currently all the alien encounters NWSURC is aware of. There are no doubt more and it is hoped that other witnesses will come forward with their stories.

The encounters of the early 1900's are by far the best of all. They are seemingly untainted by the enormous influences of hollywood, books and media of today. The descriptions are intriguing as many have tried to compare what they have seen to something familar so others can somehow relate to what it must have been like.

The two 1933 encounters were certainly not influenced by any movie, as the first UFO movie ever made was The Day The Earth Stood Still and that wasn't released until 1951. The encounters weren't influenced by any space programs, as NASA hadn't selected the first crew of astronaunts until 1959, thus launching the American space program.

One has to wonder how many sightings had gone unreported during the early 1900's. If it is anything like today's indications, that's an awful lot of interesting stories buried in this province's soil.

Interestingly enough, there are probably just as many individuals affected by the same fear today. Ordinary people who are trying to cope with every day life while they are constantly carrying the burden of their experiences within themselves. If so many people have been affected by possible alien abductions today, then one has to wonder how many may have been affected back then. Only back then, no one had even heard of alien abduction as no one had come forward with their story until Betty and Barney Hill (case of 1961).

Perhaps since many were so firmly religious, the phenomenon was likely associated to incubus or succubus. It is also very likely that the visitations were interpreted to be angels or fairies (faeries). Whatever the term, it seems we have always had the need to be able to relate our experiences in order to describe it or come to terms with it.

NWSURC has been contacted by several victims who are not ready to speak out and may never be ready to share what they have gone through. The fear is sincere. The experiences are very real. The only bit of comfort is the knowledge that they are not alone and they seek peace and answers in the comfort of others.

Abductees or experiencers having nothing to gain and everything to loose by sharing their stories. Sharing an experience is to be thrown under a microscope and dissected before the world. It is as bad as going through the initial abduction experience all over again and it shouldn't be so. The victims relive the experiences in their thoughts and dreams almost every day - on their own. (For documentation and research purposes, NWSURC offers anonymity for their stories.)

Today the people of Saskatchewan are still exposed to alien encounters and abductions. While the above article was intended to cover alien encounters and not UFO sightings, it should be noted that about four out of every five people I have come across have either seen a UFO or know someone who has. It is not known how many have been abducted.

By Barb Campbell, NWSURC

Some interesting notes about Television:

  • In 1930, BBC began regular transmissions and in 1931, Canada saw its first televsion station, VE9EC, in Montreal.
  • In 1936 only 2,000 televsion sets were in use around the world.
  • BBC stopped broadcasting in 1939 because of the outbreak of war and resumed broadcasting in 1945.
  • In 1939, the first major display of electronic television in Canada took place at the Canadian National Exhibition in Toronto and baseball is televised for the first time.
  • Television manufacturing in Canada took place in 1948. The television audience increased by 4,000 percent.
  • Cable TV systems in Canada began in 1952 and on Sept. 6th, CBC Television broadcasts from its Montreal station. Sept. 8th, CBC broadcasts from its Toronto station.

Source: A Timeline of Television History


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Barb Campbell, NWSURC
Box 263 Maidstone SK S0M 1M0
Ph/Fax: (306) 893-4009

[UFOINFO thanks Barb Campbell and NWSURC for granting permission to use this report.]


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