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Possible Abduction Attempt Foiled in Saskatchewan, Canada

Hi John,

We received an interesting report 3rd hand regarding a possible abduction attempt here in Saskatchewan just last week. The person who reported the incident is contacting the persons involved. We hope to hear their account of what took place soon. I will keep you up todate on the situation as it unfolds.

Possible Abduction Attempt Foiled (2007) - A report has come in regarding a UFO sighting that occurred last week above the Niska Bridge in the area of Buffalo Narrows (northern part of Saskatchewan). Apparently a woman was driving to work while it was still dark. As she approached Niska Bridge there was a strange light around her car. Another car approached from the opposite direction and passed by. The light vanished. When the woman arrived at work she received a phone call from the person who drove by her and was informed that the person had seen a UFO over her car upon approaching the bridge. So it would seem that there could have been a possible abduction attempt but was foiled when the car approached from the opposite direction. We are trying to obtain further information from the persons involved. In the meantime, we are asking residents in the area to contact us if you witnessed any strange lights or objects last week.


Further information:

In the late afternoon of February 13th I spoke with the woman on the phone whose car was surrounded by light. The woman sounded very level headed and seemed to be in disbelief over what events had taken place as the whole idea seemed to go against logical reasoning.

She had left for work around twenty to eight in the morning while it was still dark outside. The road she takes to work is a gravel road. She said she drove for about 20 minutes then happen to realise that it was suddenly light outside, faster than usual and more suddenly so but thought nothing more of it. There was no noise to make her think otherwise either. A car drove by her and she continued on to her place of work.

Upon arrival at work, she was told that she was to return a phone call to a woman she knows. And this she thought odd as she couldn't figure out why someone would want to talk to her so urgently. Another woman dialed and then handed her the phone to where she was met by a shaken yet excited woman on the other side.

The shaken woman was the other car who passed her on the road a while ago.

She was told that as she came into view, there had been a UFO right above her car. That the UFO turned sideways and then took off straight up in the air.

2 weeks later the shaken woman stopped by to see her, where she described the UFO:

The UFO hovered half the height of a tree above the car and had 2 legs with lights. When it turned on its side (before leaving) that is when she noticed it was saucer shaped. However the mid section was foggy and had multi coloured lights.

The shaken woman stated that she would never drive that stretch of road alone ever again. (Clearly indicating something had frightened her. At this point we believe the woman is not ready to come forward.)

The woman in the car had seen nothing other than light and so is not afraid to travel the road.

I thank the woman in the car (name with held) for sharing this experience with me.

If anyone has seen anything in the area mentioned above, please contact me. Confidentiality assured! - Barb

P.S. I was also told that last May, 2 round bright objects (almost orange) were seen in the area. That these objects then spread apart as they traveled. Sounds vaguely familiar to the sightings of Waterhen Lake area.

Barb Campbell

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