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Moricetown, British Columbia Sasquatch Tracks In The Snow/Blood Sample

A little history about Moricetown and it's kind people. Wet'suwet'en First Nation community is located north of the village of Smithers is called Moricetown, B.C. The Wet'suwet'en people (kyah wiget) is one of five native communities living near or on Hwy 16. The valley around Moricetown Canyon was once a traditional fishing ground visited by five clans of the area.

Fishing the Bulkley River was a big part of the Wet'suwet'en First Nation way of living. The clans would first meet in Telkwa in the spring, mainly to visit and celebrate their heritage. Then later the 13 houses would pack up the village and proceed to Moricetown for their summer fishing season.

Using gaff poles (spruce tree pole with a steel hook and bound by rope) the First Nation fisherman would wait patiently perched high above the river standing on exposed river boulders waiting to strike and hook the fish as they swim by underneath. Today, the First Nation still fish the river but use deep nets mostly.

In Moricetown, during the summer, the Wet'suwet'en First Nation people would erect smokehouses, drying racks and fish traps. The men would set out to catch fish while the women would hike up the mountain to collect herbs and medicines. After returning the women would start to preserve the catch. In the fall, after catching fish the focus of the hunt would shift to mountain goats, ptarmigan and caribou.

Once sufficient preparation was completed, the Wet'suwet'en people would hold various feasts celebrating the harvest. The general meeting of all the people was an opportunity for the chiefs to deal with clan business and for trading goods among houses.

The feasts would last for days and would be celebrated by many houses. Many feasts later the clans would start to return to their villages in preparation for winter - each clan's departure date depending on the length of the journey back to their village.

Once home the clan would work on their longhouses, stacking firewood, and finishing repairs so to securely store their food on stilts inside. During the winter the elders and their wives would prepare for next seasons hunt and children would learn about hunting while maintaining the longhouses.

Moricetown is located 30 km west of Smithers and 31 km east of Hazelton, BC on the main highway of the region known as Highway 16. Follow the signs. Cannot miss the community.

It was just another early morning in Houston, B.C. I got up and turned on the computer and we went to feed the deer which were waiting as they do most mornings. I came back in, checked my computer and there I found a few UFO sighting reports which I still have to work on, but it was a telephone call that came in that grabbed my attention. A lady by the name of Melvina was so excited to tell me what had taken place in Moricetown behind her mother's home on March 8, 2009 after dark.

On Monday evening Melvina's mother heard an awful racket/strange and loud noise coming from the back of her property. It certainly did frighten her as the sound was so very unusual and the dogs certainly were going wild over what was happening. She contacted her daughter and Melvina came down the next day to look into what took. She put on a set of snow shoes and headed out into the forest. In the open areas, (not under any trees) the snow would have been approximately a foot and a half in depth. Under the trees the snow pack was only inches deep.

As Melvina made her way over the snow and under the low hanging spruce branches she glanced ahead of her to see tracks in the snow. Even from a short distance away the tracks appeared to be unusually large. Soon she was shocked to find a large foot print that really should not have been there. Melvina did look around and after a short while she headed back to her mother's home, ran inside and told her mom what she had discovered and called the Peak FM radio station in Smithers, British Columbia as it was one of the closet media outlets. One of the staff members at Peak FM gave Melvina my telephone number and then she contacted me.

As I listened to her telling me some of the details of what she witnessed in the snow, I became more and more interested as I started to believe we may really have found something here. I asked when would it be okay for me to drive out so I could have a look at the tracks. Melvina said any time was fine with her. Knowing the incident took place sometime after dark on March 8, 2009 and I got this call on March 9, 2009. I figured I had better get going as quickly as possible before bad weather moved in. I packed the necessary things I needed, and rang around some friends looking for some snow shoes. I grabbed my backpack and headed out the door, into the truck and was driving out of Houston toward Moricetown here in British Columbia.

After my hour and a half drive I arrived in Moricetown and easily found Melvinas mother's home. There I met her mom, Melvina and three other family members. All were really kind to me, some bringing out there digital cameras to show me the pictures they took of the tracks. After seeing these I was hooked and excited to get out to the back of the property to look around and see with my own eyes.

Five of us took our time walking over the hard packed snow until reaching the area where the tracks were discovered. To my surprise and excitment there they were, just as Melvina had told me. Why I mentioned that I was surprised, is that I have taken many a long road trips to visit folks who have claimed to have had a UFO or Sasquatch encounter, only to find out someone's imagination was running a little wild! It can be more than frustrating!

Below is the first track I was shown. (Picture number 678) You will notice I do have a plastic ruler beside the foot print and this does not cover the entire length of the track. This one track measured 17 and a half inches in length and what appears to be three toes imprinted into the snow that can clearly be seen. The width across the front part of the foot (outside of left toe to outside of right toe) measures seven inches in width. The arch part of the foot measures 5 inches across and at the back of the heel, this measured 4 inches wide. It sunk down 8 inches into the snow.

Photo 678

Next (Picture number 679) is another look at the track from a different angle.

Photo 679

Next (Picture number 683) shows the length of the stride of the creature which measured 3 and a half feet in length.

Photo 683

What I found really interesting was that there was a creek down a very steep incline. This was some steep hill and went a long way down to the bottom. The creature walked up the hill in about a foot and a half deep snow not breaking it's stride which were close to the same length, 3 and a half feet or better.

There was also another surprise for me, in one of the tracks at the back end of the heel, there we found droplets of blood caked into the hard snow. This portion of the iced snow was dug out and brought back home with me so we could have it analyzed. Barb Campbell at UAD Research in Saskatchewan ( will be receiving the blood sample and a hair sample for testing.

Next Blood in ice, (Picture number 681)

Photo 681

Next (Picture number 690) is a photo of a hair sample, although very hard to view. This will be tested to see if it is anything out of the norm.

Photo 690

Next (Picture number 672) is another photo of the same track without ruler.

Photo 672

This gives an idea of what I was looking at, there are more photos, but I can't post them all.

The northern part of the province of British Columbia is certainly a hot spot for sightings of the Sasquatch. In the latter part of 2008 numerous sightings were reported to me, also Sasquatch footprints were discovered in Burns Lake by a couple of Mormons. Photos were taken of these as well. On my trip to Moricetown I found out about other Sasquatch sightings that have taken place in there last year and years past.

Tracks photo 1

Tracks photo 2

Tracks photo 3

Blood in tracks photo

I should also point out, that Barb Campbell from UAD Research and myself will be interviewing witnesses and filming them this coming summer. So if you have seen our tall hairy fellow in northern British Columbia please do write with the details of what you have seen.

If anyone has any questions, feel free to drop me a line.

Brian Vike, Director HBCC UFO Research and host of the Vike Report UFO Eyewitness radio show.

HBCC UFO Research, Box 1091 Houston, British Columbia, Canada - VOJ 1ZO

[UFOINFO thanks Brian Vike for passing this report on.]

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