Small Roundish Scoop Mark Called A "Punch Biopsy"

Report from Brian Vike

Ottawa, Ontario Canada

Date: First week of February, 2003.

HBCC UFO Note: The gentleman who sent me the report and photos is a very credible person. Also there is information I cannot and will not make available on this case. Plus the person this case relates to will remain anonymous. The photos of the marking on the man's left wrist will be posted on both of my sites. As more information comes in I will be posting the updates to my site.

As always, I would like to thank the person for sending me the information and pictures.


Something kind of interesting happened in the first week of Feb. 2003. I had gone to bed around midnight and woke up at 08:00. Upon waking I found a small roundish scoop mark on my left wrist, characteristics were as follows:

1. About 1/8", two millimeters in diameter.
2. The bottom of the wound is concave.
3. There was no pain at all associated with the wound.
4. The bottom of the wound was flecked with very small dots of blood.
5. The bottom of the wound was slick and smooth as if it was cauterized.
6. It looked as if it had been done just five minutes before I awoke.
7. The wound took two months to heal and is now only visible using a jeweler's loupe.

- There is nothing sharp near my bed that would cause a wound.
- I know there was no wound on my wrist before hitting the sack because upon retiring I took off my watch and did not observe any blemish in the left wrist area.

Thinking it had been a rather large insect bite, I went to a local Ottawa clinic. The doctor looked at it and said, why did you have that done? When I informed him how it had appeared, he became quiet and paused for a few moments, then said that the mark was from a procedure called a "punch biopsy" that appeared to be done by a left-handed individual using a laser scalpel-type device.

The doctor said that he could not comment on this officially and recorded the reason for my visit on my file as an "insect bite". He also consulted a small notebook and gave me a URL stating that I could get more information. The doctor stated that this was the fourth or fifth case of what he called "involuntary sampling" and noted it appears to be an emerging phenomenon.

The fact that this doctor had the URL handy is pretty interesting. BTW, I didn't question him further as he was uncomfortable.

When I mentioned this to a friend he was at my front door within seconds of saying, "This I gotta see" and hanging up.

Funny this stuff should happen to me now, I'm not a young kid at (age deleted) so why "they" would want to sample the DNA of an old fart is beyond me.

Of the attached images, I took the dark image, while my friend took the rest.

Scoop biopsy image 1
Scoop biopsy image 2
Scoop biopsy image 3
Scoop biopsy image 4

New Case - Scoop Markings

HBCC UFO Research has just received another report and pictures of what has been reported above. Different person. Report below. More information will be coming hopefully soon.

Date: July 2, 2003

I have the exact same "Scoop Mark" that was described in your article. Attached is a picture that I just took with a rather cheap digital camera, the mark has been there for exactly 3 days. Even more interesting is that it is the exact same location on my left wrist as the photo shown in your article. I even went as far as to enlarge the picture and hold my left wrist up to the computer screen. I'm very interested in seeing any updates. Feel free to use these pictures if you would like. I'd also be happy to get a better quality picture if you would like. Please add me to your mailing list if you have one, if not I'll be sure to check for updates often.

HBCC UFO Research has received another unusual case - Report below.

Georgia, United States
Date: July 2, 2003

Hi, I saw your pictures of "scoop marks" on, and I have a very similar mark on my right knee. At first I thought it was an insect or spider bite, but it didn't heal and it's been three days.

When I woke up that morning, I felt strange, like something just wasn't right. It felt like I had a mild hangover, but I had nothing to drink the night before. When I got to work, my right knee felt weird... not itchy, not stinging, more of a tingling sensation. I looked down and saw what I thought was a spider bite or something -- there was a small (about 1mm) indentation in my flesh. It didn't bleed but it did leak a clear puss substance (white blood cells?). The leaking went on all day and then finally stopped. It's been three days now and it's still not healed... there's no scab, just light red flesh in the concave scooped area, and the skin around it is pink. I just figured it was a spider bite or something until I saw the scoop mark pictures on

The picture is attached, taken about 10 minutes ago, about 3 days after I first noticed the mark. Feel free to post it on your site along with my story. Please don't post my e-mail address or name, but you can mention that I live in northern Georgia in the US and that the scoop mark appeared on July 2. You can also share with Jeff Rense, as that is where I first saw the scoop mark pictures today.

I hope it's just an insect bite, and I'd rather not see a doctor about it, but I thought I would share. HBCC UFO Research has deleted the person name and other information. I also would like to thank the person for sharing their story with me, and I will be following up on this to see how the person makes out with this strange occurrence.

(Report received from HBCC UFO Research on July 8th 2003)

Carrboro, NC

Hi Brian,

I am just writing to let you know that you can add my name to the list of persons who have experienced the unusual concave scoop mark upon waking up. The details appear to be the same. I woke up one morning in early March, 2003 with what until today I assumed was a spider bite on the inside of my left arm, half way between the wrist and elbow. It exactly matched the "scoop mark" you posted. In the two reports listed on the site, I have seen no reports of swelling, which in my case occurred to a significant degree. In fact, after two days, my entire inner arm was inflamed from wrist to elbow. The "hole" itself never bled, but it eventually turned a sickly black.

I was out of town and it didn't seem to be an emergency room case (if I had experienced ever I would have gone), so I never had it checked out. Now that I have seen these reports, I sorely regret that decision. It would have been interesting if a doctor had diagnosed it as a punch biopsy. I do have a permanent scar from the event, but I'm not sure much can be gleaned so many months later. If you are aware of any tests or whatnot to differentiate between a bite and a biopsy, my curiosity is certainly piqued.

Hope this helps, for what it's worth!

More Information Below

Hi Brian,

You are more than welcome to post my story wherever you see fit. I attached a picture of the scar, and like I said in my previous email, it is less than dramatic as it's been about four months since the event. But at least you get an idea of its size and location. It measures about 7mm x 3mm, but the actual hole was slightly smaller than that.

Let me know if you come up with any interesting details.

I would very much like to thank this person for taking the time to write and share the story with us all.

(HBCC UFO Research has deleted all personal information for this person's report above).

Images can be found at:

(Report received from HBCC UFO Research on October 21st 2003)

El Paso, Texas


I just saw the pictures and stories of scoop marks on I began reading with a feeling of deja vu, which sent chills up my spine. I have many scars from childhood accidents and can tell you in detail how they occurred. But I have one scar on my left inner thigh that I have never been able to explain. I've had the scar (or scoop mark) since I was five or six years of age. When I was 22 or so, I asked my mother about it. I never really had any reason to wonder why I didn't know how it occurred. (Funny that.)

When I started to ask my mother, I began by showing her the scar. Before I could say anything, she blurted, "Where did you get that?" I replied that I was going to ask her the same question. She looked at me very peculiarly and, I swear, she turned white as a sheet and rolled up her baggy shorts (it was summer) and showed me the exact same scar on her left inner thigh. She didn't know how she acquired the "scar" either. I thought that was really weird, but I didn't pursue it. Now, after reading the stories on Jeff's website, I am shivering and wondering why I never really tried to find the answer to this puzzle. I am freaked out now.

I've had a fascination about UFO's most of my life and I've had some very strange "dreams", at least I thought they were dreams, of people who weren't people, of "glass houses" with roofs that touched the ground, and of flying around the glass houses with other people who were naked. I was only a child when this dream continued to repeat over and over with other images of rooms that were lit in the middle but no walls could be seen. I have not been able to get the feeling out of my mind that these weren't dreams, but actual occurrences.

I've attached the photos of my "scoop mark" scar. You can post them if you wish, I have a driving need now to know what has happened to me (and my mother). Why don't we remember? Why was so difficult to wonder what happened? How could I just forget to wonder? I must admit I'm frightened. The dream of flying around the glass house was fun, but some of the "dreams" scared the wits out of me.

One very early morning when I was about 13, I woke up screaming, I had a dream of people talking to me, talking way too fast, and I was scared. My mom came into my room, and I REMEMBER her walking in and sitting on my bed and shaking me to wake up. The problem was that I was awake and I couldn't tell her I was awake. Also, when she spoke to me, I couldn't understand her. She was talking too fast. I finally managed to tell her that. I was finally able to move and she made me get dressed and took me to the hospital. My temperature was 104 degrees, yet I felt fine once I was able to move. In fact, after the incident, I actually felt pretty good! I didn't feel like I had a fever at all. I never understood that. They kept me overnight "just in case". In case of what I never found out.

Additional Information:

Hello Mr. Vike,

In regards to your reply, let me see if I can answer your questions.

(Some information was deleted here - HBCC UFO)

I have on numerous occasions seen unidentified objects in the sky. The most astonishing one was in San Jose, CA during the summer of 1997. I think it was in August. At about 10:00 pm, I went outside to have a cigarette and was sitting in front of the garage. The garage was behind me and I looked up to see a HUGE light coming towards me, but I could tell it was about airplane height. It was a beautiful blue color. It was just going over my head and behind the roof of the garage. when I cried out with my mind, "Come back!" I didn't want to lose sight of something so pretty, it pulsed with a gentle blue light, dim then bright, dim then bright.

I KNEW it wasn't an airplane, there was no sound and no blinking lights. It surprised me when it popped back into view. Like it reversed and hovered right above me. While I was still sitting there with my mouth hanging open, a beam of light, more white but still bluish, shone down on me. I had "goosepimples" as my grandmother would've said. While it was shining on me another craft, smaller and white colored shot out of nowhere and stopped short right next to the blue craft. Then it shot at an angle the other direction. After a few more seconds the blue craft disappeared, with a streak of light behind it heading in the direction it was going before it stopped when I thought at it.

I've had many occasions of seeing craft and I've had some very strange moments when I was disoriented afterwards. I have seen these craft all my life. There is something peculiar about one thing though. When I was a kid and was injured or sick, I would go to the military hospital in El Paso. When I came of age, I requested my medical records and my x-rays. The response I received was that they had no records of me at all. I had a somewhat huge amount of x-rays taken while I was growing up: concussions, broken bones, that sort of thing. But all of them, ALL of them were gone. This was never explained to me and since I was not a member of the military, I had no recourse to recover them. I don't know why my father never pursued it. He said that I was no longer his dependent in the military's eyes, so that was the end of it.

You asked me about my dreams or nightmares now. The truth is I don't seem to dream anymore. I haven't had a dream that I could remember in years. That also makes me believe that my childhood "dreams" weren't dreams at all. Also, I think I have sleep apnea. I sometimes suddenly start awake. I feel at that moment as if my heart has stopped or that I have stopped breathing and my body reacts by jerking, sometimes right off the bed. Not onto the floor, but straight up. And I awake when my body hits the bed. It has happened quite often the last two or three years now and I would think about going to the doctor, but then I would change my mind. I hate doctors. I can't stand the hospital or the doctor's office. I won't go to a dentist unless I absolutely have no choice, my fear is that great. I don't know what causes the spasms or whatever they are.

But nightmares, no, not since I was a teen. Being jerked awake, yes, many, many times.

Thank you to the gentleman for allowing me to share his story with you.

Also pictures can be found at this URL, at the very bottom of the page.

Brian Vike, Director
HBCC UFO Research

Brian Vike, The Vike Factor (Into The Paranormal)

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