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September 21, 2004

SOURCE: La Otra Realidad
DATE: September 20, 2004


Expedition found no craters and the mystery increases

9-20-2004 - (17:05) - The strange object that fell from the sky a few days ago behind the mountain range of the Martial Glacier, and which was seen by at least a dozen residents of the city of Ushuaia, caused damage to at least 150 square meters of forested area within the National Park, but no visible marks were found on the ground following the impact. This has increased the mystery surrounding the celestial event that caused wonder among the Fuegian population.

Image of shattered trees

The "fireball", described thus by the press to counter act the lack of scientific details on the nature of the phenomenon, destroyed a considerable number of trees as it feel toward the Earth's surface, converting the impact site into a tree-clearing location. Some trees were sheared off at a height of some eight meters.

But researchers would like to double-check this information and shall set out tomorrow toward the site that was first surveyed by a police patrol that took photos and some soil samples. One of the investigators to visit the site will be Daniel Acevedo, a witness to the episode that captured the public's imagination. He plans to collect samples of the local sandstone to ascertain if there are pieces of metal or any material foreign to the Fuegian geography.

Acevedo will visit the epicenter of the crash accompanied by a forestry engineer who will determine if the condition in which the trees were found, in an area measuring "more or less forty meters across", as described by witnesses, correspond to human intervention, wind action or the consequences of the phenomenon being investigated.

For the time being, scientists have dismissed the possibility that it could have been a meteorite, since the impact would have involved a rock that usually leaves unconceivable traces of its impact against our planet. Nor have they discarded the possibility that Earth may have traversed the path of some comet and that these "fireballs" could be part of the evidence.

The survey headed by experts from the Centro Austral de Investigations Científicas (Cadic) shall be essential to define the characteristics of the event and put an end to this week-long mystery.

A five-hour long expedition on foot conducted by Fernando Garcia and Roberto Ceballos, authors of the photographs published in today's issue of Botella al mar, verified the existence of "thirty to forty uprooted trees, some shattered in half and others exploded, all of them lying on the ground in a south-north direction."

It would seem that Garcia and Ceballos reached the same spot discovered by a local police patrol, but with a difference of a few meters. This means that there are at least two impact sites and this increases the number of traces of the event to be confirmed.

It should be recalled that residents of Ushuaia witnessed--on two consecutive nights--how two strange objects fell to the ground. Numerous phone calls were made to the Municipal Office of the Civil Defense and the Police to report the sighting, which was described at the time as "a multicolored fireball that fell behind the Martial Glacier."

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