The Sign Historical Group is pleased to announce significant new and updated material for UFO history researchers.

The Sign Oral History Project (SOHP)

The Sign Oral History Project began in 1999 to record recollections of UFO witnesses, investigators officials, scientists, and other individuals associated with UFO history. SOHP records interviews with a cross section of individuals involved with UFOs on archives quality video media.

Tom Tulien founder of SOHP with the assistance of a number of UFO historians has conducted well over 100 interviews. A partial list of interviewees is here:

and includes witnesses from a number of important UFO cases, former Project Blue Book officials, UFO investigators and aviation and ballooning experts.

Over the past five years, SOHP teams have traveled thousands of miles interviewing subjects in most states in this country. SOHP interviewed visiting foreigners and made a special trip to Brazil to interview UFO witnesses and researchers there. SOHP has a long list of potential interviewee, but we would also welcome leads and assistance in obtaining other important interviews.

Some oral histories from this project have been deposited at public institutions.

We have posted the transcripts of a few of the SOHP interviews at:

For the Colonel Doyle Rees, USAF (Retired) interview a large number of supporting documents and important links support the subject matter covered.

Col. Rees was commander of 17th Air Force Office of Special Investigations (OSI) District during the years when the Green Fire Ball (GFB) burst upon the scene.

We are pleased to have a collection of interesting support documents and research for this interview including:

The unpublished history "The Genesis Of AFOSI" by Major Kurt K. Kunze, former AFOSI Historian, obtained by Robert Todd from the OSI history office.

17th OSI District Letter, 12 May 1949,
Subject: UNKNOWN (Aerial Phenomena)

Certain document by or related to Dr. Lincoln LaPaz who assisted Col. Rees in his investigations:

and a letter from Dr. Joseph Kaplan, who was called in by General Cabell to help in the GFB investigations:

The Conference on Aerial Phenomena held at Los Alamos 16 Feb 1949:

The Project Twinkle Final Report

The Air Force Scientific Advisory Board Meeting of 3 November 1949

A newspaper articles including the Los Alamos newspaper and another item about officers of Air-Land, Inc. who earlier ran Project Twinkle for the Air Force

Other important links are also included.

Joel Carpenter's UFX articles on Green Fire Balls are linked to the interview's introduction

We also are proud to host Joel's "Green Fireballs over Los Alamos"

and his well researched Green Fireball Chronology

which give further insight into the history of the most interesting phenomenon.

Colonel C. H. Lonzo, wrote in his column, "Perimeters in Paragraphs" column in the October 1946 Field Artillery Journal about the Ghost Rockets over Scandinavia. Dr. LaPaz quoted from Lonzo's article in 1951 in connection with the Green Fire Ball reports in the Southwestern US.

A special thanks to Joel for the special essays too long absent from the Internet. I also want to recognize John Stepkowski, Project 1947's tireless Webmaster whose efforts bring this most useful and interesting material to readers of the Sign Historical Group and Project 1947 web pages. Candy Peterson and Gary Mangacorpra transcribed the current interviews. More will follow.

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