Spain: UFOs in La Joya

The Journal of Hispanic Ufology
July 7, 2006

Source: La Opinion de and Miami UFO Center
Date: July 3, 2006


ANTEQUERA - Ufologists study the proliferation of sightings in southern Torcal; theories aimed at explaining sightings in the region range from aircraft and weather balloons to aliens and temporal doorways.

"I was returning from seeing my girlfriend and decided to step aside from the road and take a shortcut through the fields. That's when it showed up. It was like a car with four powerful headlights, but it flew only a few meters over the ground." This is the eyewitness account given by Juan Arrabal, an electrician from the region of La Joya, Antequera, and is at least one of a dozen gathered by this newspaper in a rural district located on the slopes of Torcal. There, ufologists are looking into the recent proliferation of so-called UFO sightings in the area. His friend Antonio Vazquez ratifies the story. "I was with him. It's true, it was like the front part of a car, and I can tell you that a vehicle cannot transit through that area," he says. "It traveled at some 30 or 4o meters over the ground."

Pedro Martin Gomez's experience begins on Cerro de las Cabañas, near Acebuche, and also in La Joya. This resident of La Joya saw two lights that remained motionless for at least two hours. It happened one summer night while he walked. Something similar happened to Jose Maria Martin, another resident -- this construction worker, married with children, was able to see a ceaseless coming and going of lights, criss-crossing their paths for hours, while hunting ferrets.

Luis Mariano Fernandez has researched phenomena in La Joya for many years. "I was traveling through the vicinity of Los Navazos around 3 a.m. when three lights forming a triangle suddenly appeared. We didn't see a structure, nor any iron or metalwork, and they moved slowly," he adds. "It was a UFO, for sure," remark witnesses.

Translation (c) 2006, S. Corrales, IHU.
Special thanks to Virgilio Sanchez Ocejo, Miami UFO Center.

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