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Spain: A Teleportation Incident in Galicia?

The Journal of Hispanic Ufology
June 28, 2007

Source: Pasaje a lo Desconocido
Date: 06.28.07

SPAIN: A Teleportation Incident in Galicia?
Marcelino Requejo

On May 7, 2007, Juan M.L. and Bernardo D.G. became the protagonists of a bizarre incident in the vicinity of Lugo. The events took place around 15:00 hours as they traveled in their car toward a sawmill located near the city. Apparently they were barely one kilometer from their destination at a location known as Piugos da Pena, and had just left behind a well-known automotive dealership, when the witnesses noticed a dense fog that appeared to emerge from their vehicle.

They pulled over on the shoulder to see what was going on. The smoke vanished. Only seconds after continuing their journey, they realized that they were in a completely different location from the one they had been before.

“We had no idea where we were,” said Juan. “We were only meters away from the sawmill and we suddenly found ourselves next to a road sign that read: “Santa Eulalia de Bóveda”. So, completely astonished, we decided to continue driving to Santa Eulalia to see if we could get to the sawmill from there.”

In the wink of an eye, they had traversed the 6 kilometers that separate the environs of the sawmill and the detour to Santa Eulalia de Bóveda. While they looked for the way back, both men witnessed an odd phenomenon: the Sun appeared to be right in the middle of a gigantic, smoky triangle.

[Translator's Note: To those who may not know him, Marcelino Requejo is one of the foremost UFO researchers in Spain's Galicia Region, a contributor to a number of paranormal and UFO magazines and a speaker at UFO conferences in that country].

(Translation (c) 2007, S. Corrales, IHU. Special thanks to J. Manuel Duran and Pasaje a lo Desconocido).

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