Staff Sergeant Assigned To The 355th Security Police Squadron Reports Objects

Report from Brian Vike

I was stationed at Davis-Monthan AFB from July 1975 to September 1979, as a Staff Sergeant assigned to the 355th Security Police Squadron. I spent many nights in the weapons storage area and out on the flight line, there was never one rumor of anything out of the ordinary, other than reports of drug smugglers dropping their loads from aircraft near our off-site Titan missile silos, while I was stationed there. Davis-Monthan was very uneventful compared to my other assignments.

May 1972 - January 1974, NORAD Cheyenne Mountain, Colorado Springs: We had occasional sightings of red UFOs on the access road and flying up out of the surrounding woods.

February 1974 - May 1975, Incirlik Turkey: During the Cyprus conflict between Turkey and Greece in 1974, I sighted a UFO just off base slowly flying around slow like a helicopter, then suddenly accelerating at a speed nearly too fast to follow them without a sound.

One night during April 1974, I witnessed a white glowing UFO hovered silently over the nuclear storage area at 3:00 am at approximately 500 feet above the ground for about one hour, that appeared to be the size of a Volkswagen. The UFO suddenly accelerated towards the city of Adana silently about 4 am. I had been on duty out there on swing shift until 11:00 pm., and witnessed the object from the Security Police dormitory about two miles away. The next morning my flight had training with the flight who had been on duty out there that night and we compared what we all had all seen. They stated that the only measures taken were to set up their M-60 machines guns, and that they were not to fire on the object unless it initiated a hostile act.

June 1975 - June 1976, F.E Warren AFB, Wyoming: I worked in Keys and Codes, which issued codes for authorized access to the unmanned Minuteman missiles. Keys and Codes was located within Central Security Control (CSC).

One night a missile launch crew reported to CSC that alarms were going off at a Minuteman silo located about three miles away on a rise from the launch center. Minuteman missile silos were unmanned and a launch center controlled ten missiles. Topside from the launch center, the Security Police response team could see a bright white object lighting up the country side and hovering over the silo. The security team refuse to respond. CSC asked the launch crew what they thought about the situation and the SP refusal to respond. The launch crew states they would get back to CSC and hung up. CSC told the SP supervisor at the launch center to call back and let them know what they decided to do. We never heard back from them during the remainder of our shift.

Maintenance crews reported seeing big foot tracks in the snow walking around the fence line of the silos. Security Police reported colored balls of light drifting through their sleeping quarters at the launch center sites during the night.

At that time, Wyoming was experiencing cattle mutilations in the area. Security Police missile patrols reported several times that they had seeing helicopters at night sitting on the ground with no lights on and their engines running. These sighting were reported to the local country sheriff's offices, but nothing was ever found.

As for Davis-Monthan, nothing ever happened while I was assigned there.

Thank you to this person for his report.

Brian Vike, Director
HBCC UFO Research

Brian Vike, The Vike Factor (Into The Paranormal)

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