Near Stanhope, New Jersey A Large Bright Light - Witness Crying

Date: 23 or more years ago (1983 or earlier).
Time: Approximately 10:00 p.m.

Hi Brian - Greetings to you and your dear ones. I was just reading the most recent accounts of missing time and spheres, etc. I want to relate to you something that happened nearby where I live now, but it was about 23 or more years ago on route 206 near Stanhope, NJ. That is about 15 to 20 minutes from here.

It was night, probably about 10:00pm and dark. Route 206 is winding and only two lanes in most areas. If it is foggy, one is in deep trouble, I know. That night was clear, and as I was driving back to Stanhope where we lived then, on the left were men doing night construction work, which I found odd for such a narrow road; why could they have not done work during the day, etc., were the thoughts going through my mind.

There was this big, very, very bright light and I could not help but stare into it, and as I did something strange happened that I will never forget.

All of the sudden it was as if I "knew" this type of light! Odd! I wanted to look again, but felt it wise "not to" for some reason. A little fear, maybe? Not really sure. Then it was as if my whole life went before me and I started crying really hard and as I was driving, I felt I was "not here" but still driving home. I was so overwhelmed by this without not really knowing just why I became this way. It was the only time I ever experienced this! I did not check for missing time or such. That light was just too bright and too close to the road, a terrible distraction for any driver. That I think was the thought I had in the first place. It was too close to the road to be safe.

Weird. It has never happened again. I got home alright, but I was still crying. I did not tell anyone as I was so confused by this and I know they would think me nuts! I consider myself to be a stable, responsible person and this just did not fit.

Well, anyway that is about the whole of it. Maybe someone out there can find some peace, knowing these things happen. Reading the most recent stories brought back this memory. Please use it if you want, but no names please! I know you will respect this.

One day I will relate Pine Bush stuff. Thanks for keeping us all informed. God bless and keep us all safe.

Thank you to the witness for relating their experience.


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