Strange Being Found In Southern Chile

Translation (C) 2002 Scott Corrales

SOURCE: Terra.Cl
DATE: 23 October 2002


A mysterious being was found 15 days ago in the city of Concepcion by a family from Santiago vacationing in the area. The being, which measures only 7.2 cm, has a large skull, two arms, long fingers and two legs. The news was made known by Noticiero Mega and quickly caused expectation among UFO researchers. According to background information compiled by journalist Rodrigo Ugarte, one of the children found the mysterious being in the bushes while on a family walk.

After wrapping it up in paper, he took it home. The witnesses claim that the being was alive for at least 8 days and would open its eyes on occasion. However, the creature's aspect is similar to that of a mummy and shows signs of having been burned. Specialists at the University of Chile noted that it could be a fetus of some local feline, but have hitherto been unable to determine what species it belongs to. It is hoped that tests will be performed within the next few hours to establish its origin; a DNA test will be among them.

"The being found is neither a human nor animal foetus"

After analyzing the strange skeleton found by a family in Concepcion, psychiatrist and abduction expert Mario Dussuel informed that it isn't a human or animal foetus. " I held the strange being in my hands. It seems mummified, measures less than 15 centimeters and is very lightweight. My attention was drawn to its slanted eyes, well-defined temporal lobes and overall composition. Its fingers have nothing to do with those of an animal and it has a very slender neck."

Regarding the likelihood that it could be a fetal human or animal, the specialist added: "The being does not have the characteristics of a human foetus and much less those of an animal. Dussuel added that it is necessary to conduct electron microscopy to study its cells and tissues: "It is very important to be able to make this type of study, aside from taking a sample of DNA. It would therefore be possible to determine if the corpse's biological composition is different from that of a human."

Should this be confirmed, the doctor states that "we would be faced with a case that should cause international uproar with unsuspected repercussions. I'm surprised that no organization has initiated investigations in this regard. There is no doubt that we are faced with an extraordinary event."

Translation (C) 2002 Scott Corrales
Institute of Hispanic Ufology
Special thanks to Guillermo Gimenez.

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