DATE: March 1, 2005

On January 27, 2005 at the "9 de Julio" Air Club, strange circular marks were detected on the runway grass. Jorge Marcelo Ayram, the person in charge of the club, discovered the odd imprints while mowing the runway apron.

Upon being consulted about the origin of the circles, he pointed out that his watchdog had been restless on the previous evening, disturbed and howling, prompting her owner to get up to check on her. The time was 0200 hours and Ayram, by now standing next to his dog, saw a strange light toward the front of the air station. At first he believed it was the full moon, when the size of the phenomenon and its sudden disappearance caused him to think otherwise.

On February 18, researchers from CIUFOSLAPAMPA discovered that three circles -- aligned with each other and aimed northward-- were on the surface. The first measured some 80 cm in diameter, the second 1.30 meters in diameter, and the third some 10 - 12 meters in diameter.

Photo of 'circles'
Click image for full size.

The outline traced by the circles shows dark green grass which contrasts visibly with the surrounding growth.

(Information and photo courtesy Raul Chavez, CIUFOSLAPAMPA)

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