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Strange Memories Of Revelstoke, British Columbia

HBCC UFO Research: The report below came in through submissions, this leaves the person reporting anonymous to me, Brian Vike of HBCC UFO Research. So I have no way of replying to this person about the report that had been submitted to HBCC UFO Research. I also would like to add that although I do agree with the person reporting and talking about the frustrations because people will not acknowledge events that they have obviously seen or heard. I do understand why folks do not come forward as much as they do. Also I would like to mention that I have folks telling me that they had a UFO sighting going back some years and wonder if I would be interested in hearing their story. Yes I am most interested in any sightings or experiences know matter when they happened. Every report is very, very important !

Some writers of several recent submissions have expressed frustrations because people will not acknowledge events that they have obviously seen or heard. Although I cannot explain why that happens I can give an example. I was once one of three people who "wouldn't talk".

About 30 years ago I was on a road trip with my parents and three year old daughter. We were slowly traveling across British Columbia and planning to circle through part of Alberta before heading home to Victoria. We arrived in Revelstoke late on a sunny summer afternoon, found a motel and went for dinner. After dinner we decided to go for a drive. We had noticed on a map that there was a road going a short distance, maybe 20 miles, down the east side of Upper Arrow Lake. Since the purpose of the trip was to try to find roads we'd not yet traveled, off we went.

Although the sky was clear in Revelstoke we were heading south into a high overcast and far to the south we could see periodic flashes of sheet lightning within the clouds. Just a few miles out of town the road turned a sharp corner to the left and followed the base of the mountains around a large bay. The moment we turned the corner I was terrified. I wanted so much to ask my father to turn back but the logical side of me kept saying to not be silly. The purpose of the trip was to explore. Eventually I stopped looking out the window and started talking nonsense to my daughter playing on the floor of the car (before seatbelts). I was trying to distract myself.

About half way around the bay my father stopped the car and for no apparent reason rapidly turned and went back the way we had come. He said nothing but I was so relieved I almost cried. The only comment my mother made was "So you felt it too." I still could not look out the window. As soon as we turned back around the sharp corner we were back in sunshine and the feeling of terror instantly disappeared. All dad said was "Promise me that none of you will ever drive down that road again". When we got back to the motel we went to bed and I recall thinking that I was glad my bed faced the door so if I had to, I might be able to protect my family. We all went right to sleep.

The next morning we were up and on the road. Nothing was said about the strange drive. That was completely out of character for all of us. Not only would we normally have talked about something like that, we would have driven back the next day to at least the beginning of the bay.

None of spoke about it for about four years then one of us finally asked if we remembered the event. Apparently dad "knew" that if we had kept going we would have never come back. Mom also admitted to being very, very frightened. We still have no understanding or memory about what frightened us. We also told each other that although we had wanted to talk about it we couldn't. I recall often trying to think about it and say something but the thoughts and words just dissolved. That was happening with my parents as well. My daughter had not appeared bothered at all on the drive. That could be because even if there was something unusual or frightening out there, she couldn't see out the window. It could also be that at three years old everything is unusual and sometimes sort of scary!

What had we seen? Nothing. What had we heard? Nothing What happened? Nothing. What had we felt? Terror. Why could we not talk about it? I don't know.

So for those who are confused when others don't talk about something, please realize that maybe they do know what happened ....but they just can't hold onto the thoughts or words!

Twenty years later I went back to Revelstoke with my husband. We started down that road. Everything had changed with the lowering of the lake level and the growth of the trees. However when we got to "the" corner I asked him to stop. There was nothing at all frightening about the place. He asked if I wanted to go farther but I said no. I remembered my promise to my dad. I've stayed in Revelstoke many times since then but I know I will never travel that road. Maybe someday I will remember why.


Thank you to the person for this very interesting story about what took place, also for her insight into why folks sometimes do not come forward to talk about their experiences.

Brian Vike, Director HBCC UFO Research.
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