The Journal of Hispanic Ufology
September 23, 2004

SOURCE: Diario El Tribuno (Salta, Argentina)
DATE: September 22, 2004

In Rosario de Lerma/ Police looked but found nothing


They say it has a huge hairy head and reddish eyes

A "large serpent with a hairy head and reddish eyes" was intensely searched for up to last nightb by member of the Provincial Police Fire Brigade after the three individuals in charge of the Las Acacias hatchery reported seeing the creature in one of the site's sectors, located between Cerrillos and Rosario de Lerma on Route 26.

Modesto Gonzales, 60, Jose Venticola, 53 and his wife Ana Maria Quipildor, 48 reported the appearance of the enormous animal on Monday to the Rosario de Lerma sheriff's office and requested protection due to the terror inspired by their sighting of this beast.

"We were baking bread when my wife saw the head of this veritable monster emerging from between the holes in the wall of a brick shack," said Venticola, who added. "I was paralyzed. It had a snake's head, but hairy, with red eyes and a piercing gaze."

Firefighters combed the area but found nothing.

"I told my husband and Modesto, who was chopping wood, to kill it. It was a huge snake," said the woman. "They were going to cut off its head, which was the size of a hog, with their machetes, but it went back in when it saw them approach. I've never seen anything so strange. What I do know is that it isn't a lampalagua [translator's note -- 3 meter long river snake of the northern Argentina] because I know what those are. I'd never come across a hairy reptile."

Moreover, Martín Corbalán of the Rosario de Lerma sheriff's office, stated that "we will continue searching for this reptile, if that's what it is, to insure the protection of these people and the neighbors. If we can't find it in the next few hours we will appeal to animal protection agencies for their assitance."

"We are not discarding the possibility that it is a northern constricting snake that reached this hatchery for some reason," he concluded.

Translation (c) 2004
Scott Corrales
Instiute of Hispanic Ufology (IHU)
Special thanks to Mercedes Casas.

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