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Strange Sounds And Footprints In Prince George, British Columbia

Location: Prince George BC

Date: July 01 2009

Time: Around 2:30am

Number of witnesses: 1

Weather Conditions: Clear and dark

Description: Let me say I didnt see anything. It was more what I heard. I went out on my porch to have a smoke and sat down, it was very dark outside. I seen our driveway light come on, it is a motion light. I went over to my steps by my porch thinking maybe a bug or something turned it on, nothing was around. I signed it off as nothing, I went and sat back down and behind me came a very weird sound like if a person was trying to make a animal sound. Nothing like I ever heard before. Since this happened behind me and it was very dark I also didnt have the back porch light on, only the front one where I was at, I jumped up, then I heard a laugh. I thought maybe it was kids playing a joke or something.

I went inside turned on my back porch light, and then went back to look. Nothing was there, only thing is the grass is turned down like if someone was walking through our yard, and nothing small I can tell you. I went and woke up my husband, he said also what ever it was had to be big too.

Later this morning I went out in our yard. There is a trail from our shed through our yard and around one of our trees. Like if whom or what ever it was was doing circles around our tree. I ended up signing this off as a bear. Then thought again. No bear makes that kind of sounds. And the what ever it was had to be bigger then a bear because of how far apart the steps in the yard are. Well the flatten grass is.

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