Techniques for CE-IVs : The Time Line

By Karin Hoppe Holloway, BA, CHt, CEA Instructor

The Time Line is another tool for the investigator's initial CE-IV client-centered investigation. A map of the abductee's exceptional experiences can be compiled from the Time Line which will be useful for the therapist's differential diagnosis and for suggesting entry points for hypnotic regression.

The Time Line

All you need to make your own Time Line are multiple sheets of paper and a writing instrument. The use of colored markers will further help you to see any patterns.

Start with a mind mapi ; its doodle-like branches and clusters will help you divide up your Experiences right away into categories. Cluster similar events together on the page. Some possible categories are UFOs, sleep parasomnias (OBEs, ASPsii , lucid dreams, etc.), bedroom visitations, trips on ships, 'knowings', visits from ghosts of relatives, Jesus, or aliens etc., invisible contacts, and amazing coincidences as well as the other types of events suggested later. Fill in your time line using these cluster categories.

For the Time Line itself, draw a straight line beginning with birth (or before, if your parents had conflicts or there were unusual circumstances which you were affected by, or if you already know some of your past lives) on the left and ending on the farthest right with your projections of how you intend your future to be.

Subdivide it into decades. Dates don't need to be exact but the recorded event needs to be in its proper relation to other events.

Events above the line occurred during the day and those below the line occurred at night.

This line will extend across several pages; start with a page per decade. Use only one side of the paper so that all the pages may be laid down side-by-side.

Create and write a title for each event placing these on the line, vertically, and write the full explanation elsewhere on either side of the page, if possible. You can get into more detail in a Journal, which if you haven't started one yet you should start right away. Don't risk having the memory alter through time and reviewing just because you didn't feel like taking the time to write it all down. Or, speak it into an audio Journal.

The entirety of the event needs to be first recorded as it is, without interpretation or any 'figuring out'. It must be The Experience As Remembered. As soon as you start rationalizing to make more sense out of an Experience you will loose accuracy in recall. Analyze it after it's recorded.

Types of Events To Be Noted

Appearance of Physical Scars
You should mark the appearance of scars, scoops, bruises and ephemeral body markings for which you have no explanation or for which you suspect the explanation.

Drug /Alcohol Use History

Electrosensitivity Events
Did you experience electrical shock at any time? Have you had SLIder events? [See list, below, "Types of Psychic Abilities and Paranormal Events.]

Examining the Revelatory or Realization Event
The Revelatory Event is what made you put together all of your partial memories and Experiences and come up with alien intervention in your life. Usually, this is also when you may have begun to feel anxious.
Some memories are floating, unconnectedly, in your past, as tips of the iceberg. These are the anomalies you've recalled which have made you suspicious of CE-IV. You may remember an odd experience without any meaning, such as being on the ground, next to your bicycle, with a large flashing thing hovering above you. These events mark the beginning and the end of an abduction. These are called Marker Events. Often either light or sound or an odd event marks the start of the Experience and the ending is often some sort of jolt or another odd experience. These are good entry points for hypnotic recall.

Flashback History
These can emerge suddenly, usually last only a few seconds, and frequently involve missing time periods.

Health History
Look for health events having to do with the reproductive system as well as for illnesses, healings, and unusual scars. Recall that what we habitually think about may have important effects on our bodies so that worrying, anxiety, and stress may be factors in your recent health history.
Also note that a thyroid problem may affect your auditory system. Experiencers often ascribe beeps and odd noises in their ears to alien intervention but we must first rule out normal reasons.

Important Dreams

Intellectual History
When did you form your interests?

Meditation, Hypnosis, Therapy

Psychic or Paranormal Historyiii
You may not know what to call the individual events, or even know that they aren't 'normal', and so this list may help. Paranormal events can be categorized according to which interior senses they stimulate. The category of "experiential" encompasses many sensory inlets.

An experience of the Black Void may be had either inside or outside this void, and both indoors and outdoors. No light exists within a black void; only consciousness exists within it. It may range from one foot to many feet in diameter. An experience of the interior of the black void is bodiless. It's usually frightening. It might also be described as a vortex.

Clairvoyance is the acquisition of information about present events, places, or objects without external sensory mediation. Unlike telepathy, which is the passage of information from one person to another without any of the usual forms of communication, this does not seem to depend upon direct contact with another person. All foreknowledge is called PRECOGNITION, whether telepathic or clairvoyant. Because these two sources cannot be distinguished in the laboratory the general term of GESP, or general ESP, is used to encompass both in the field of parapsychology.

"Street Light Interference" experiencers are often also abductees. They interfere somehow with the electrical functioning of appliances, watches, and even street lights. Sometimes they also effect radio and television signals. See Alfred Budden's work on hyper-electromagnetic sensitivity.

Abductees are often sure they know what it feels like to fly without help, especially as children.

"The subject avoids serious injury or death, either through subconscious decision beforehand or inexplicable escape from the event itself."iv

'Hearing' the mental projections of a Being not in your own dimension. When these messages are shared with other humans it's called channeling.

Experiencing other dimensions either from this one or in having crossed dimensional boundaries.

"The subject senses being watched, perceiving the presence, usually along a room's borders. Footsteps out of place or a door opening / closing may be heard. Occasionally, subjects report being touched, poked or their hair pulled. Some report knowing the being's appearance without having physically seen it." v

A few abductees have claimed they have felt they may have been invisible while in normal, alert consciousness. Dr Boylan claims this is a potential ability StarKids have.

OOBEs or OBEs are events during which the person perceives the world from outside their own body, often seeing the physical body, while in either a copy of that body or in an altered form of that body. This is also called Astral Projection, a phenomena experienced as well by non-abductees. "These occur variously as part of a near-death experience, as an alien training exercise, as a means of abduction, or intentionally as a natural talent possessed by the subject." vi Many researchers now believe that nearly all alien abductions occur in the OBE state despite our not understanding how physical marks are transferred.

The subtle manipulation of another's thoughts through one's will.

"Men in black" business suits warn the subject not to talk of their experiences. Most researchers think this experience no longer occurs.

Some abductees have black, unmarked helicopters buzz their homes / cars after an abduction event. Others have had what appear to be military abductions. See the work of Helmut Lammer for tell-tale signs of MILAB (underground, female doctors, white lab coats, military clothing, etc.).

Asthma, chronic viral infections, food allergies, hypoglycemia, diabetes and epilepsy have "miraculously" been healed in some abductees.

A term coined by Jenny Randles, this is described as "…A vacuum, the atmosphere surrounding the subject is fundamentally altered. Ambient light is muted and all sound disappears or is muffled. Pressure builds in the brain, while movements may be labored." vii

"Being able to see into a situation and know exactly what's going on with the agendas without anybody briefing you; to see a story in the paper and know what's going on behind the scenes making them happen. Or, looking at a person, knowing what's going on with them."

Knowing the future through a "hunch" or dream.

The ability to heal another person, even at a distance, without medical intervention.

"The bioelectric field around us. Some people define it a bit differently. We all have auras; we can all see them. You can quickly learn how to do that. But the more you develop the ability, the greater the potential for good use - to see colors, to see where it's fuller or diminished, or even little bits of absence. You can tell things, diagnose mental or physical illness for example." ix

Abductees have balls of light tell them to marry someone, or they feel they've been "led" to a special person to mate with. Other relationships may also seem to be manipulated, especially love relationshipsx. Bloodlines may be manipulated to increase psychic abilities.

Remote viewing is the methodical use of clairvoyance. ""Remote Viewing" and "psychic" mean approximately the same thing, that knowledge has been gained which can only have come through extrasensory perception; the primary differences are in the word origins and in the specific protocols used in RV. RV is always done within scientific or approved research protocols." xi

Moving things at a distance through thought.

Delaying or accelerating the material experience of time, as in important journeys which take far less time than they should.

Apparitions can be either visual or auditory experiences of someone who does not actually appear to be present and may well be deceased, often the ghost of a relative. CEEers sometimes report apparitions of pets or even invisible animals which they can hear padding through their home.

Experiencers often see Balls of Light in and near their homes; some which give messages, others which act as vehicles, and some which seem to be monitoring. Sizes range from very small to man-size.

The CEEer often describes finding themselves in a wide, lovely beam of light. Sometimes, upon awakening, the CEEer will see a beam vanishing through their ceiling. This can also occur to lucid dreamers (lucid dream light beam).

Some Experiencers believe that objects have been taken from their homes and then later replaced or returned to the location they were last seen at. Such objects reported have been papers, jewelry, wallets, and a toy optical device.

"Often with a physical sensation of fine fabric tearing, the subject suddenly enters another time or dimension of reality. S/he is allowed to observe but not converse with any individuals occupying that realm." xii

Abduction Experiencers often evolve into being more sensitive to what's 'invisible' in their environment. Here they may "see" aliens watching them and even feel an emotional response when reacting to what they "see."

These are the appearance of familiar and unfamiliar objects out of thin air. Some CEEers see symbols projected onto their bedroom or hallway wall; some see them inside a white "cloud". UFOs may also sometimes be manifestations.

Entities may appear as an abductee's pet until they disappear or the real pet's whereabouts is ascertained.

Poltergeist activities, which involve the movement of objects, are grouped under this heading and are the most likely to be methodically investigated by parapsychologists because the phenomena may last for weeks or even months. These events may not necessarily be linked with Close Encounters but are sometimes experienced after an encounter. Poltergeists are usually associated with children or adolescents xiii.

There are cases where only the abductee(s) see(s) an unidentified flying object while with a group of people who cannot see it. Note appearance, direction, actions of, and time of sighting.

These will often be described as sounds unrelated to anything familiar but "crash," "boom," and "knock" are the terms most often used. The booms occur outside but the knocks may seem to be on either exterior or interior walls. Direction is often difficult to determine. May be related to poltergeist activity.

Sometimes these occur in the subject's head and seem to be one or more voices frequently "heard" only in one ear and sounding like an inexpensive radio. Other times, voices seem to be coming out of speakers attached to a radio, in the car or in the home, not turned on. Again, the voices may be speaking all at once and are difficult to understand.

CEEers experience telepathy when with aliens as well as on their own. It can be overwhelming in intensity and difficult to perceive discrete elements within the "message"; it may seem like an old-fashioned telephone operator has suddenly opened all telephone channels. At other times, the abductee will only "hear" their name being called, often twice or more, usually alone, without any further encounter.

During a normal telephone call the subject may hear non-human types of noises or they may repeatedly have calls composed of unusual beeps and tones.

Sexual and Relationship History

Sleep Patterns
Note periods during which you found it difficult to sleep, when you had nightmares, memorable dreams, dreams which didn't seem like dreams, astral projections, paralysis experienced before or during sleep or upon awakening, witnessing odd things while in bed, being sexually attacked by someone invisible, sleep walking and sleep talking periods, levitations, and all other odd experiences in bed. The date need not be exact.

Spiritual History
This might include contact with the dead, visions, and sudden changes or developments in spiritual philosophy.

If the CE-IV agrees, all CE-IV exercises and journals should be copied and kept safe until they can be warehoused for the future. Anonymity must be safeguarded at every step; protect all parties by using a written contract.

ii Out-of-Body-Experiences (OBEs); Aware Sleep Paralysis (ASP)
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