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UFO Lands in Mogi das Cruzes, São Paulo

Itapeti Mountain (Brazil)

Security guard claims that he saw a UFO:

A security guard said that a red object left marks on the ground.

Valdair Alcântara Maciel, who works as a security guard at the Pesqueiro do Rubinho, a fishing place, claimed that he saw yesterday (may 26 1999), at 03:30 AM, a UFO in a area of the Itapeti Mountain, in Mogi das Cruzes, São Paulo's municipal district. To him the evidences are the marks left on the ground. It is a circle with approximately 2,4 meters diameter, with the marks of 4 "feet" and a smaller circle in the middle.

Photo of alleged landing site

These feet with approximately 5 cm depth was marked in the ground.
The UFO researcher, Claudeir Covo, said that he pretend (intended?) to go to Mogi to study the case.

Close up of alleged landing site

"I saw a bright light. Suddenly that thing descended on the mountain", said Maciel.
He say that the object had a red color and made a "buzz" noise.

The man assured that he informed the Pesqueiro's owner, Mr. Rubens Vital de Paula, several times about the incident.
He even called to Ruben's house at that night to tell him about the incident. Vital admitted he didn't give much attention to Maciel. "He said that he saw, but I didn't give attention. I don't believe or discredit", said Vital.

He said that one of the times he picked up the phone and sad joking: "If the alien want to fish at night charge him only R$ 25 (twenty five reais)".

"One day I shot him, but nothing happened" sad Maciel.
Several times he didn't go to the work because he was afraid.
"When I see it I get scared. At this point my legs shake", sad Maciel, that almost cry when talking about it.

"The light stopped at the Mountain for 5 minutes, then flew away".
"The place is very dark and that thing illuminated the lake".

The ufologist Claudeir Covo ordered to isolate the area and to take samples of soil, and a mould of plaster of the "feet".

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