Nine Pigs Killed in Chupacabras Attack?

by Thiago Ticchetti

Nine pigs are dead by a mysterious way in Aracoiaba da Serra, Sorocaba, São Paulo

SOROCABA - Nine pigs were found dead with punctures on their bodies on the evening of June 25 (I assume this should be May 25 as this was posted in May - John, in a farm in Aracoiba da Serra.
The dead bodies had no blood and the predator didn't leave clues or trace in the place that the pigs were. A closed place with lock. Other two pigs and a dog were wounded.
The farm's owner, Celso Rabello, 47, thinks that the animals were dead by the Chupacabras.
He went to the Policy Department and the delegate sent a expert to check the place.

According the landlord, Valdelei dos Santos, 21, around 02:00AM, his wife saw two lights in the sky, seemed two big stars, towards the farm. The bright light illuminated the house.

Minutes later the pigs were screaming. The husband went out to see what was going on and found the wounded animals and the dead animals spread for 150 meters.
All of them had a depth punctures and parts of the body burned.

"We have here 11 dogs and none of them barked", said Valdelei.
"That was the Chupacabras".

The farm owner said he ordered to kill one of the pigs wounded, "He has no blood".

Last year the farm was a target of a similar attack.

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