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Flying Saucer appeared in 10 countries

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Flying Saucer appeared in 10 countries

A Spaceship size of a Football field would have landed in Brazil

Surprise in the skies of the Americas. UFOs were seen in at least 10 countries, including Brazil, during the afternoon of monday and dawn of tuesday.

One of the objects would have landed in Goias, Brazil's state.

There's several reports, all very similar, from residents of the cities of Chapadão do Sul, in Mato Grosso and Chapadão do Céu, Goiás.

The phenomenon would have been seen in Bolivia, Colômbia, Argentina, Costa Rica, Panamá, México, Peru and Venezuela.

The main report came from Francisco Fetter, a tributary fiscal. He was at work and around 06:00PM, he looked to the sky and saw a strange thing.

The thing looked a cover pot. The size was about a football field, had lights and became red before disappear. He saw the UFO for 3 minutes.

Then he called to another office, far 80 km. There, when got the call, Mozar Menezes said that he was seeing the object. "It was a spectacular light, wonderful", said Francisco.

The housewife's Ema Helena Schilick children, said that they saw a strange object in the sky.

Eunice Claudia, 17, and Ernane Emerson14, were at the bus stop when the UFO appeared.

They said that it was a round object, enormous, and was very slow.

Besides them, 4 tourists that were in the Parque Nacional das Emas tell the same story.

"This thing is "burning'", said the Revista UFO editor, A.J. Gevaerd

"We received dozens of reports, spoke with some professionals from others countries that assured that they saw the same phenomenon in the Latin America".

Gevaerd are going to Chapadão do Sul today - "I gonna interview some witnesses. Usually when it happens there's some abduction case".

There's rumors also that an aircraft took off from the Anápolis Air Force Base, in Goiás, to check out, and some information about a landing and a crash of something.

We are still getting information.

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