Hi Brian,

I read with interest the story: Colfax, Wisconsin - One Person's Strange Experiences, that was posted at the Rense site. I have had a lifelong fascination with the UFO and abduction phenomena. In the 50s, I acquired the Keyhoe Blue Book. I was about 9 at the time. I read my first sci-fi about that time too, Red Planet.

I have witnessed several aerial phenomena in my life, one of which was a confirmed UFO sighting. I was headed north on the Interstate 35, just south of Moore, OK and approaching the OKC area. It was around midnight and I was listening to KOMA radio station when the DJ announced that he was getting real time reports of UFOs over Tinker AFB. This was in the mid 60s, when the lock down on media UFO reporting was in its infancy. Within seconds, three glowing amber ovals were spotted to the east, moving westerly in a triangular formation at a seemingly leisurely pace.

They crossed the highway in front of us at approximately 5000 feet. I pulled the car off onto the shoulder and we got out and watched the lights disappear over the horizon to the west. No sooner had they vanished from sight, a group of military fighters came out of the east in hot pursuit. I regret that I do no not remember the date of this encounter. There were three other passengers in my car at the time, but I have not been in contact with any of them for decades. There is a vague reference to a flap at that time in Dolan's book, but nothing specific. My estimate from memory would put it in the fall of 65 or 66.

Back to the point of this email: The woman who reported the triangle mark on her arm reminded me that I needed to get some information out that I have been sitting on and pondering. Her report triggered this response.

One morning last winter when I awakened, I noticed that the mattress, on the side of the bed on which I sleep, had been pulled about one foot off center and was overhanging the box spring on my side of the bed. I thought that was unusual since I sleep soundly and hardly ever even disturb the covers. I pushed the mattress back into place and headed for the shower. I was wearing a T shirt and was scratching at a point on my side, about midway between my armpit and my waist.

It was itching like crazy. After exiting the shower and beginning to dry off, I noticed, in the mirror, the bold red outline of a triangle at the spot where the annoying itch was. Being alone, I set up the camera on a tripod and photographed the mark.

Photo of red mark on body

Due to the low light at that time of morning, I had to use flash, which made the mark rather washed out in the picture. It is also somewhat obstructed by the redness of the fingernail marks from scratching that I had been doing, but it is still visible in the enclosed picture.

The bottom/base line of the triangle is barely visible in the photo, but was quite clearly visible in the mirror. The outline of the triangle was raised, like a welt, and was the source of the itching. After taking the photos, I applied a steroid crème to the affected area and within an hour it had disappeared.

I also have a 1/4 inch long, deep scoop mark scar on the palm of my left hand for which I have no explanation. It looks like it has been there for a very long time, but I just noticed it about a year ago.

As a footnote to this story, when I awakened two days ago, the mattress was once again pulled off of the box spring in an almost identical manner as the scene described above. I have no explanation for this and there were no physical marks on my body this time.

I learned long ago that there are very few people that this topic can be discussed with. If you want to use any of this, I would prefer to remain anonymous. Also, the triangle mark incident occurred at my current residence, in the countryside, about 50 km north of Toulouse, France. I no longer live in the US.

Thanks for all you do.

My many thanks to the person for sending along their own experiences.


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