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Truth, or Consequence: Considering the Cost of Secrecy

Ric Hansen


Introduction - A Dangerous Precedence

Yes, I believe UFO's are invading our airspace. I can't say why or by whom. Does the whole world think I am a nutcase? Surprisingly, a significant number of Americans agree with me. A recent National Geographic poll indicates 36% of Americans believe aliens definitely exist, 17% do not, and 48% percent are undecided.1

Why so many undecided? Could it be that most people are afraid or embarrassed to report a UFO sighting because of the social stigma attached?

On July 8, 1947; the day after the infamous Roswell incident, the defenders and elected officials that govern the United States set into place a precedence that has cost U.S. taxpayers billions of dollars every year. It was decided to deny the Roswell UFO crash occurred. They would change the truth; and those officials that let the "disc out of the bag" were to be painted as Air Force officials that can't tell an intelligently controlled flying vehicle from a balloon. Retractions were issued by the media. The truth just became a bold-faced lie. The CIA was created and directed to proceed with disinformation, public humiliation and ridicule2 to protect 'the lie'. The Department of Defense was in charge of securing and hiding 'the lie'. We, the taxpaying citizens are unknowingly financing these agencies and our government to hide 'the lie' from the citizens. The single most important event in human history and we haven't been told the truth by our own government. They want us to believe it never occurred, while we foot the bill.

If I were our leader, and an unknown and technologically superior threat was landing in my fields mutilating my cattle, abducting my children,3 violating my airspace and disarming my defense weaponry; I would want to know about it. As a courtesy I would also inform my neighbors to be wary of the danger so they would have a chance to prepare for it. I would mandate the reporting of sightings through a federally managed public network reporting system. The preponderance and volume of evidence that currently exists is more than sufficient to justify the public acknowledgement of extraterrestrial visitation. The American people have placed our trust in our government to make the right decisions on matters of national and international concern. Do they really have our best interests in mind?

Disclosure and a higher level of transparency would save the United States taxpayers billions of dollars anually. Secrecy costs money. Black project programs cost tens of billions of dollars every year, yet even the President doesn't have "the need to know" how and for what black project funding is spent. We, the People, wrote a 51 billion dollar blank check to the Department of Defense in 2012 for black projects.4 Hiding the UFO secret and associated technology doesn't use the entire amount. Weapons development, national security and secret scientific tech use a significant portion, so what is actually spent to hide the UFO secret we may never know. We need to understand that black projects involving weapons and related technology must remain classified for national security reasons. For the United States to maintain military superiority over possible aggressors, we will always have a black projects budget. That is, until the nations of this world learn to behave and work together against greater dangers; such as an extraterrestrial threat to our species.

The Results Are In

As direct result of the CIA's public humiliation protocol, as many as 70-90% of all UFO sightings go unreported; or reported anonymously. Anonymous reports have zero credibility to investigative groups and researchers, because it is impossible to tell whether the report is genuine or a hoax. Hoaxes are another unfortunate result of the CIA protocol. MUFON investigators require a valid I.D. card when a witness is interviewed in order to help discourage false reports; or hoaxes. Witnesses normally won't lie when it becomes a matter of record.

People would rather try to forget what they saw than become the town fool. A large number of sightings go unreported; thus leaving an inaccurate representation of the frequency, volume and geographical location of visitations. MUFON receives 500 reports a month; up 67% from 2010. A true representation is more likely 1000-2000 sightings a month; worldwide. UFO's are very elusive, silent, maneuver erratically at incredible speeds, and they defy the laws of inertia and centrifugal force. The military doesn't publicly acknowledge their existence; so we, as citizens, have zero warning if we were invaded by a possibly aggressive alien species. To discourage reports has set a dangerous and costly precedence.

If the UFO secret were to be disclosed; more Americans would be watching the skies. Mainstream scientists would accept UFO research as a valid field of study. New science and technology jobs would spring forth from disclosure. The entire world would benefit through cooperative efforts to find solutions and unify to protect the planet; instead of just protecting their sovereign nations. The humiliation and ridicule would become a thing of the past, and the budget spent to hide lies would no longer be necessary. Redirected funds could be used for research and development of acquired advanced extraterrestrial technology, launching energy, propulsion and fuel systems tech ahead thousands of years. Relieving our planet from the petrochemical onslaught currently employed is essential and overdue. To deprive our race of planet-saving technology is criminal and those hiding it should be held accountable.

We, the people

We, the people, are the United States of America. The group of elected officials and industrial complex elite that govern our great nation should not be allowed to hide knowledge that could either benefit or threaten American citizens. We, the people, are entitled to the benefits available through technologies gleaned from crashed vehicles, such as interstellar propulsion systems, physical force manipulation devices (anti-gravity, inertia cancellation), clean and free energy technology. Instead of pumping billions of dollars into covering lies and hiding secrets, our agencies should do the world a favor and help save our planet with hidden advanced technologies.

24 countries have acknowledged the existence of extraterrestrial vehicles operating within our planets airspace to their citizens.5 If the United States of America truly is the greatest country in the world, our government should lead by example; not be the last one to do the right thing. The aforementioned National Geographic poll indicates that 79% of Americans believe we are being lied to by our own government on this most important subject.1 How can other nations respect a government that continues to lie about the obvious to its own people when 36% of them know ET's exist and 79% of that group know they are being lied to? The world is ready for disclosure, and it would be nice if we, the people, were included.

The Secret Is Out

July 7, 1947 was also the day that debunkers of the UFO phenomenon were conceived. There is a difference between a debunker and an investigator. As a Field Investigator for MUFON I am trained to use a scientific process and make an educated determination based on relevant and available evidence. I then add a degree of certainty for my conclusion on the report. I have to be skeptical, but will not discount the sighting unless I can provide with reasonable certainty an adequate terrestrial explanation.

When a UFO story breaks or a UFO book is published, debunkers seem to pick the weaker evidence apart with conjecture and personal opinion, omitting the strong evidence they can't dispute. This practice simply undermines their integrity and presents an apathetic approach to investigative journalism; often reducing their statements to unfounded banter and verbal provocation.

Bring Lots of Ammo

UFO researchers and investigators will agree that in any debate, the best weapon to defeat the opposition is well prepared presentation of the facts; using verifiable documentation, reports, historical and statistical data, web links, visual aids etc. Simply put, we know that you can bring a gun to a gunfight; but unless you have the right type and adequate amount of ammunition you will lose.

Breakthroughs and Discoveries

Recent discoveries support the very real probability of life throughout the universe. The Cassini Saturn probe fly-through of the geysers at the south pole of Enceladus; a moon of Saturn proved to be an unexpected boost for those that believe in extraterrestrial life. Carolyn Porco; the Team Leader of Cassini Imaging reported the existence of Carbon Dioxide, Methane, Benzene, Hydrogen Cyanide and Propane, ingredients and/or bi-products of prebiotic life, making the possibility of at least primordial life not of Earthly origin very real.6 The discovery of mineral and clay deposits from prehistoric lakes on Mars bolster this belief; and NASA's analysis of possible microscopic life in Martian meteors will soon validate life there as well.7 Another possible candidate is Saturn's largest moon Titan, host to vast oceans under its icy crust and also containing hydrocarbons in its atmosphere..

The Panspermia Theory is looking very credible.8 Life will find a way to exist throughout the universe; even under the most adverse and volatile conditions (lava tubes, arsenic environments, extreme pressures, extreme heat and cold, etc.) as proven by microbiologists within the last decade.9 To find life on the first celestial bodies explored right here within our little solar system rules out any assumption by debunkers of life NOT existing everywhere in the universe.

Let's Do The Math

It is logical to conclude that if primordial life begins; intelligent life will follow, and likely within a billion years if not sooner. The universe is thirteen and a half billion years old. There are billions of galaxies much older than our Milky Way galaxy; formed in the same way with solar systems similar to ours. Earth-like planets are being discovered every week. The scientifically accepted Drake equation predicts intelligent life is rare; but if we calculate the following:

N = N* fp ne fl fi fc fL 10

N* = the number of stars in the Milky Way galaxy: let's use 100 billion

fp = fraction of stars with planets around them: likely at least 20%

ne = number of planets per star ecologically able to sustain life: 1

fl = fraction of those planets where life actually evolves: 30%

fi = the fraction of fl that evolves intelligent life: 20%

fc = the fraction of fi that communicates: 20%

fL = the fraction of the planet's life during which the communicating civilizations survives: 1/1,000,000th [est. based on planet life of 10 billion years] = 10,000 years

N = the number of communicating civilizations in the galaxy = 360; just within our galaxy, and there are billions of galaxies. Even if input values were reduced 99%; we would have still have 3.6 extraterrestrial civilizations in the Milky Way. This is one galaxy amongst 300 - 500 billion in the universe.11

This means that it is possible that there may be between 1,080-1,800 billion intelligent civilizations in our vast universe. Sounds impossible? Being skeptical of the numbers, I have added my own "Hansen Variables" to the Drake Equation.

N = N* fp ne fl fi fc fL x .1/few/ fd

Few is for inhabitant-initiated ecological disaster and/or war with weapons of mass destruction resulting in self-destruction of planetary life.

Fd is for catastrophic natural destruction of civilization or planet, such as asteroids, comets, supernovae, volcanic, atmospheric, orbit change by gravitation, etc..

Let's factor in Fd cataclysmic disasters that destroyed the intelligent life prematurely and divide our answer by 1000. Answer: 1.8 Billion - 5 Billion

Knowing how our species behaves let's factor in Few self-destruction due to war or ecological disaster and divide it by 1000 again. Answer: 1.8 Million - 5 Million

From only 1.0% of the Drake Equation's initial result, we divided the reduced answer by 1,000,000 using the Hansen Variables; and still have a huge number! Add your own variables! Anyway you break it down; life is flourishing throughout the universe.

A Technological Advantage

A civilization between 100,000 - 1 million years ahead of us in technology would have easily overcome the propulsion, speed of light and inertia issues we have yet to conquer, and be quite able to conduct inter-galactic (or inter-dimensional) exploration. We are still taking baby steps when it comes to off-planet exploration; but keep in mind that, until just over 100 years ago, we had to jump into the air or climb a ladder to leave our planet's surface. We have progressed by leaps and bounds; you might say.

In light of the aforementioned discoveries, a UFO debunker would be hard pressed to find a solid foundation to back up the antiquated ideology that an intelligent species capable of space exploration doesn't exist. Or, the old adage "...we are the only intelligent life form in the universe." They might as well say that the Earth is flat.

Take Me To Your Leader

A common argument debunkers often make is "...If extraterrestrial beings are visiting wouldn't they show themselves and communicate?" The old "take me to your leader" of cartoon fame mentality. The logical answer is no, for several reasons. Before I mention the reasons commonly accepted by ufologists and researchers, you will need to think about why we are attempting to explore the universe ourselves; and then you will have answered the reason why we are being visited.

First Reason: Disease/Biohazard Control. Our human immune system has developed to protect us from dangerous earthbound micro-organisms. EBE's (Extraterrestrial Biological Entities) probably have some form of immune system designed to combat the microscopic dangers that exist on their worlds. To emphasize how fragile and indigenous immune systems are, we will discuss the Native Hawaiian people.

In 1778, Capt. James Cook excitedly proclaimed to the world he had found a tropical paradise; inhabited by the friendly and accommodating native Hawaiians. Recognizing the economic potential for agricultural crops such as sugar cane and pineapple, western Europeans and Asians poured onto Hawaii's shores bringing with them a long list of nasty and deadly diseases. Syphilis, gonorrhea, tuberculosis, Hansen's disease (leprosy), measles, influenza, cholera, gastroenteritis, mumps, scarlet fever, dengue, bubonic plague, scabies, sylvatic plague, etc.12 Stowaway rats, cockroaches, centipedes and common flies also took up residence and had no natural predators to control their populations.

Between 1778-1878 sickness and disease spread in epidemic proportions, reducing the native population from 800,000 to about 40,000. The Hawaiian race was nearly decimated because they had never been exposed to these foreign illnesses; and had not developed antibodies to fend them off. Life is resilient; but it takes generations to adapt to unknown microorganisms.

Have you ever fallen ill when traveling or soon after? It is very common for those who travel long distances to contract illnesses not indigenous to the geographical area they live in. We are exposed to and exchange foreign airborne germs, bacteria and viruses when we are in the sealed environments of international flights, buses, trains, air-conditioned office spaces, school rooms etc.

Second Reason: Safety. Let's examine this hypothetical situation. A team of human scientists are sent on a mission to explore a planet inhabited with 6 billion aggressive beings roughly twice their mass. These beings have been in a continuous state of war with their own species for thousands of years. They have the intelligence (but not the wisdom) to create and utilize nuclear/chemical/biological weapons of mass destruction, guided missiles, rocket launchers, high speed jets, organized troops, terrorists, death squads and mercenaries. But wait! There's more! These beings also electrocute, poison, hang, shoot, euthanize, torture and isolate their own kind. All things considered; even armed with highly advanced weaponry, a stealth approach would be in the best interest of the visiting research team and the planet's inhabitants. This team would want to observe the inhabitants without having to destroy them, upset their environment, evolution or their progression as a species. The research team would also have a hard time convincing such a paranoid and violent race that they were merely conducting scientific research; and have no intention of harming them or their world.

Third Reason: Physical Environmental Compatability Issues. They could be water creatures. They may be silicon based. Plant-like. Insect-like. Reptilian. They may breathe methane or helium. They may be very acidic in nature. They might be used to three times our gravity. Their time scale may be different or out of sync with ours. They may exist in another dimension or in multi-dimensions simultaneously. They might think as a group rather than as individuals. They may absorb matter or discharge electrical phenomenon. They might evaporate or change physical state if exposed to our environment. Our cell phone frequencies may scramble their brains or cell phone radiation may destroy their reproductive systems. Our noise level may exceed what they can tolerate. Water may be very acidic or even toxic to their physiology. Who knows? These may be some of the questions they are here to find the answers to; and provides a logical answer for their visitation.

Not A Doubt In My Mind

Having been on this planet for fifty two years I have had the privilege of witnessing incredible advances in relativistic and quantum physics, astrophysics, sociology, biology, propulsion, weaponry, education, philosophy, anthropology, art, music and culture. We are advancing scientifically at an exponential rate.. Within my lifetime I have seen science fiction become science fact. If we can dream it; we can achieve it. Take music for instance...modern man has musically progressed from beating a log with a stick, to incredibly intricate symphonies, ingeniously performed and arranged in as few as 1 session, then digitally mastered in three-dimensional, spatial acoustical balance with noise cancellation, multi band frequency adjustment, effects processing and dB filtering. Compositions created by a teen-age prodigy with a laptop. (That is, once her homework and chores were finished, of course! )

There is no question we are becoming smarter faster, living longer, multi-tasking and processing stimulus en masse alongside billions of other human beings every waking moment. To predict what we will have accomplished in a million years defies comprehension. We will probably be the subject of a less advanced civilization's debunker; who resides on an Earth-like planet, in some distant star system that we were curious about. There is no doubt in my mind.

Remember, the wonders of the universe can only be viewed through an aware and open mind; so enjoy the beauty of the next starry night. You may be surprised what an enlightened mind might see.

Written by Ric Hansen; Field Investigator #20050; MUFON International; Oregon Unit. © Sept 30, 2013


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