UFO Over Ubate Colombia

Translation (c) 2004. Scott Corrales

The Journal of Hispanic Ufology
May 20, 2004

Date: May 20, 2004

UFO Flies Over Ubate; Locals Claim Constantly Seeing Strange Lights

The photographs recently taken by a photographer substantiate eyewitness reports of UFOs seen over the municipality. David Lopez, in spite of his long experience as a photographer, was never able to take a shot of the Basilica Menor of Ubate - a municipality in which he has lived for 25 years - framed by an inmense rainbow. "It would make a lovely postcard," he would think.

However, some two weeks ago, as though a gift from above, the multi-hued rainbow appeared beside the church. It was Monday and the time was barely five o'clock in the afternoon.

Armed with his digital camera, placed over a heavy jacket, Lopez headed toward the town's central square and fired off three or four shots with flash without anything unusual occurring, until he ran into his friend Jaime Jaramillo, an old friend who said "I'll buy one" later on.

But the surprise came afterwards: when David opened the image files on his computer, a small white dot, first to the left of the rainbow and then appearing on the right, had manifested itself in the photos. The dot, as he opened one file then another, acquired red and violet hues.

"When I took the photo I never saw anything like that. They were simply there, on my computer screen," he said excitedly.

Lopez, who claims having seen UFOs when he worked as an air traffic controller at the El Dorado airport, isn't the only one to speak of UFOs. William Chavez, a Colombian ufological expert, who is currently studying the phenomenon that occurred in Mexico, corroborated Lopez's photos.

The fact is that that there are plenty of eyewitness accounts to go around. Mrs. Dolores Cruz (pseudonym), a former nurse in the municipality, claims that a few days after Lopez took his photos she saw "something very strange".

"On the evening of May 3, after I'd finished praying the Rosary on the terrace of my house, I saw something like a balloon about to collide with the church steeple. Then it remained still, suspended in mid-air. It passed over the Telecom tower and accelerated so much that I wasn't able to see it," she said.

Another eyewitness account comes from town notary Jorge Castellanos, who also claims seeing "oval shapes" crossing the skies. Aliens? Who knows. The fact is that towering structures such as the demolished Twin Towers, the Egyptian Pyramids, the Greek Acropolis or the Eiffel Tower have always had tales of spaceships prowling in their vicinity... and thus, Ubate now has its own.

Translation (c) 2004. IHU
Special thanks to Gloria Coluchi

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