UFO Airport in Puerto Rico

Prof. Reinaldo Rios report

The Mayor of Lajas in Puerto Rico, Irizarry Marcos, Supports to 100 % this Ufo Airport Where the next Saturday 24 of september the first maneuvers of a landing was made ufo. And a permanent monitoring by Professor Reinaldo Rios who has I throw a call to all the people whom they love to attend this so important event, in search of sightings ufo.

Reinaldo Rios the Ufo Airport creator and the Lajas, Mayor, Mr. Marcos Irizarry
Reinaldo Rios the Ufo Airport creator and the Lajas, Mayor, Mr. Marcos Irizarry

This project that possibly initiated in the 2006 where come tourism, many uses where Reinaldo Rios was in charge of the administrative part since wrath to its east name project. They have cientific areas and the runway that sera innacesible to the people like a legacy to the existence of the extraterrestrial ones. A place destined for them if they wish to land. The Government has seen with good eyes this work in all Puerto Rico comments on this historic event of acceptance of the Municipal Government of the extraterrestrial life thank to the work in that place for Reinaldo Rios.

This it could be the beginning of a new time where the humans we will be able to travel to other planets and being visited by beings come from the stars a dream that we think that reality can be done already we we took the first step, with this new ovnipuerto,de which we presented/displayed a drawing of how it will be. Hoping that other countries do the own thing and in a future not very distant to try to establish a direct bonding with these visitors of the universe in good of the humanity.

Sketch showing idea for UFO airport
Map about the idea of the first Ufo Airport in the World

Letter from the mayor
Letter of the mayor where it supports the Ufo Airport although excuses by not being able to attend its presentation.


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