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UFOData Magazine Press Release

UFODate Magazine cover

For over twenty years, UFO Magazine brought the subject of unidentified flying objects to not only the British public, but to a worldwide audience. The brainchild of Graham W Birdsall and his brother, Mark, the magazine’s peak distribution reached thirty-five thousand, with a readership touching a hundred thousand.

Following Graham’s tragic passing in 2003, UFO Magazine closed, bringing to an end one of ufology’s shining beacons. The loss of the UK’s only newsstand UFO publication left its thousands of readers without their regular dose of news, views and articles from world-famous researchers and writers.

In 2006, former UFO Magazine editor, Russel Callaghan, along with partners Michael Buckley and best-selling author, Philip Mantle, created UFOData Magazine. This was to be the country’s first full-colour publication dedicated to the UFO phenomenon for almost a year.

Working from offices in West Yorkshire, the team recruited writers from around the world and began production of the 48-page, A5-size magazine for a rapidly-growing base of loyal readers. Renowned researchers wrote fascinating articles for UFOData, including Philip Mantle, Dr Jack Kasher, Jeff Challender, professional astronomer, Andrew Pike, Dennis Balthaser, Dr David Clarke, Peter Robbins and many more.

Past issues have covered topics such as the famous Rendlesham Forest Incident of 1980, strange creatures associated with UFOs, alien abductions, Area 51, the infamous Alien Autopsy and, not least, personal stories of UFO experiences from around the globe.

In January, 2007, UFOData Magazine will enter a new phase, when publication beings of a 68-page, glossy, full-colour, full-size issue.

The UFO subject is as popular as ever and the need for a professionally-produced magazine is at an all-time high. UFOData Magazine is written by UFO enthusiasts for UFO enthusiasts and the general public alike and is available for subscription through the magazine’s website, Single copy purchases are also very welcome.

Available from January, 2007, the full-size UFOData Magazine will cost £22 for a yearly subscription of six issues or £3.95 individually.

As the saying goes, “The Truth Is Out There.” With UFOData Magazine, you can learn the truth and it is closer than you think.

Contacts: Russel Callaghan (Editor) 07957 223358

          Michael Buckley (Sales) 07886 493574

          Steve Johnson (Copy) 01924 501867