Santiago Yturria Garza has been kind enough to send me some segments of the new "flotillas" filmed en Mexico, after the ones released by Jaime Maussán at Laughlin UFO Conference.

You can check the previous ones at:

One of the new video is dated March 30 and two are dated April 11. I watched the material carefully and several times. And I would strongly suggest the you do the same.

At least one of the new "flotillas" filmed at this time had an amazing pattern and suggest an intelligent behavior that defy the any simple explanation. The others are quite interesting as well.

The attempt to credit all the "flotillas" to ballons or birds seems non-sense and is at great risk with these new material. To me, there is a phenomena going on in Mexico and it cannot be easly explained away.

With Santiago´s authorization, on Monday (May 2nd 2005) the new "flotillas" will be at:

A. J. Gevaerd

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