[Extracted from a reply to John Velez on the UFO UpDates Mailing List and used with permission]

Complementing your comments I would like to say that we have made many actual comparisons with balloons. Even expensive tests to be videotaped studying their behavior at certain altitudes. We have all these balloons fleets recreations on tape since 1994 and I assure you definitely:

All of them described the same movement pattern again and again each test was made. A disorganized and desynchronized flying paths everywhere in all directions and this of course follows the logic and physics laws.

As a matter of fact when Pope John Paul II visited Mexico there were thrown many balloons to the sky when his plane was about to land and I think this was just great!! Because this incident gave us the opportunity to videotape those balloons in the sky that memorable day when also UFOs were witnessed over Mexico city including a UFO fleet.

Then we made the study comparing both videos, the balloons and the UFO fleet and the results were more than explicit. The balloons formation was so disorganized and every balloon acting in an independent random behavior while the announced UFO fleet preserved all the time the perfect formation, every object kept the same exact distance from the other and all the formation was moving in perfect synch as a whole body.

You and I know very well that this manoeuvers to be performed by a bunch of balloons is ABSOLUTELY IMPOSIBLE!! That will just go against the pyshic laws even if they are tied togheter. We have shown the comparisons to some aeronautical engineers and experts to get their opinions and conclusions as part of these investigations and their comments have been definitive. Certainly no ballooons nor birds. Period.

These interviews have been presented on national television many times.

Recently we invited a representative of Mexico's major advertisement balloon manufacturer to review the fleets videos specially the recent ones with the premise he will express his opinions and conclusions freely and without any pressure. His comments were clear and he was impressed by these videos. Definitely he declared these were not balloons of any kind and their manoeuvers were so perfectly synchronized for a such large number of objects in the sky at the same time that this incidents were amazing. And he is a professional expert in balloons, blimps and wheater flying devices of any kind so this is indeed a definitive opinion do you agree ?

This interview was also presented on national tv so we are demonstrating to the mexican people we are very serious on this and following our compromise to them to share every advance on these investigations.

This is real investigative work my friend, not just a behind desk alleged expertise throwing away speculations and fallacies to any issue related to UFOs.

So after all these studies what's left ?

Of course these unusual sightings defy our common sense and result - as I said - hard to belive. It's natural and very understanding. To imagine more than a hundres luminous objects flying in formation over the most populated city may result like a SCI-FI tale. Hard to belive this "kind of invasion" for some people." multiple signs on the sky" for others etc. is actually taking place and despite all expectations this is really happening and we have hard and solid evidences to challenge any individual that dares to define this specific phenomena as Balloons or Birds.

The only requirement to accept this challenge is to adopt a serious and scientific attitude forgetting eccentricity, personal vendettas or ignorant and naive postures. These will not be accepted, this is serious.

We are not trying to prove anything here because there's nothing to prove yet regarding this fleet phenomena. The term fleet is just a name to establish this specific category of sightings that refer to a very unusual phenomena and according to the evidences on video and testimonials.

We adopt the most objective position and don't attempt to identify these strange flying formations. We are saying all these are still unidentified and we still have not a sustainable theory to propose regarding the origin, motives and intentions of these multi object formations. We simply don't know yet what they are, period. For those who sustain the term extraterrestial, alien or crafts from other worlds ironically as part of their debunking proposal to this specific phenomena may just be considered eccentrics.

By a general rule anything related to UFOs has been always associated with aliens and extraterrestials but this is an old custome that comes since the late 40's and will continue, there's nothing we can do about it. But we must keep on mind the exact meaning of the word UFO that in escence does not compromise any posture since is implying exactly that: "Not identified". So who's the naive here ?

So let's get rid of these fallacies and bad habits and get serious in this investigation. Let's rely on facts and evidences as we have many here in Mexico. We sustain that still don't know what these objects are or where do they come from and we continue with our study in the best of our efforts.

We are compromised to open and share these informations to the world as well as our personal findings and advances in these studies and we don't pretend or expect to receive any approval or disapproval as this is a highly complex phenomena even for the most advanced military intelligency in the world.

So everyone is entitled to make his best opionion and conclusion but at the end this will not change anything and the phenomena will remain as it has been through decades: A mystery.

Therefore dear John don't worry on this one. Those balloons and birds theories are easy ones on this debate belive me. Just like those good old classic Venus - swamp gases - falling stars - Blue Book-USAF - explanations that did not convince even a kid these recent attempts to explain the UFO fleets are not sustainable.

We will always be open to any serious approach to discuss this phenomena if within the rules established. No eccentricity, no personal revenge or naive arguments based on cheap speculations. We will be here anytime.

My best regards,

Santiago Yturria Garza

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