I'm posting this clearification note sent by Mexican skywatcher and experiencer Prof. Ana Luisa Cid to the IHU regarding the tendentious and manipulative article on the Mexican UFO Fleets - 'Mistaken Balloons' article, originally conceived and orchestrated by an Osiris Mendoza, unknown individual in Mexico and clear antagonist of Mexican UFO research.

The mediocre article failed to get attention here in Mexico due to it's evident manipulation of facts and details and only found resonance with two Brazilian skeptics and a certain webpage. Mendoza's motives are clearly personal and nothing to do with the UFO Fleets phenomena. Nothing substantial here as appropiately stated by John Velez in his List-post regarding this inaccurate and irrelevant article.

I must say that Prof. Ana Luisa Cid is one of our most prolific and respected UFO experiencer/skywatcher/witnesses in Mexico and has made an invaluable contribution to Mexican UFO research through the years, providing much important evidence on video.

It was Mrs. Ana Luisa Cid, along with her son, Ivan Nieto Cid, who videotaped the UFO fleet over Mexico city the day Pope John Paul II landed on Mexican soil on January 22, 1999. Certainly a day to remember in Mexico due to the unusual incidents videotaped over the big city.

It's fair to clarify things and here is Ana Luisa's response to the malicious and manipulative article:

April 29, 2005

"The Osiris Mendoza was not written by me. I am not a journalist nor is it my custom to write reports having similar characteristics. Please make the corresponding clarifications, since my articles are solely aimed at reporting the UFO phenomenon in Mexico.

Thank you.

Sincerely -- Ana Luisa Cid."

This regrettable incident was just one of those naive attempts to confuse and deceive the public regarding Mexican UFO research - something so cheap that it must be considered an insult to our intelligence.

Once again I ask for some seriousness in the treatment of this investigation, forgetting personal vendettas and eccentrisism that contributes nothing and only distracts and wastes our time.

Santiago Yturria Garza

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