Ana Luisa Cid

The April 11, 2005 UFO incidents over Mexico city

Mexican researcher and skywatcher Ana Luisa Cid made an excellent research on the April 11, 2005 UFO fleet incidents over Mexico city and I would like to post her report as part of this updated investigation. Our thanks to Ana Luisa for a serious and professional work.



UFO Fleets Over Mexico
Ana Luisa Cid

The most recent material that I have the opportunity to investigate about the UFO fleets correspond to the one videotaped by Mexican researcher Mr. Raul Orozaco Montaxo, informatic consultant with more than ten years of experience as a skywatcher and member of the UFO Corporation Group.

Mr. Orozco has distinguished himself by the quality of his UFO videos and the honesty he has demonstrated on his investigations. He explained to me that in their organization they utilize a specific technology to detect aerial objects and this technique has proved to be efficient to improve the quality of the video evidences.

One of these events videotaped was the sighting that took place on the morning of April 11, 2005 at the Viaducto Tlalpan zone in Mexico city.

It's attracts the attention that a big sphere preceed the objects formation, situation that has been also registered in other sightings of this kind.

When I reviewed this video and studied the first spheres group I noticed a triangular formation that remains unaltered discarding - in my personal opinion - the posibility of balloons. As a person interested in the UFO phenomena and being a primary teacher I have witnessed the throwing of massive amount of balloons many times and I have never observed these characteristics: Defined and constant formations.

Back to the April 11, 2005 by Mr. Raul Orozco is interesting to listen on the audio portion of the video how Mr. Orozco is calling - by cell phone - Mr. Salvador Guerrero - Mexican researcher/skywatcher/videographer - advicing him of the sighting that he is witnessing and videotaping and then Salvador Guerrero called me to inform me about this new sighting taking place so we started this investigation.

NOTE: The prompt communication among the witness and researchers while the sighting was still taking place made a perfect sinchronization to get the evidences and facts of the April 11, 2005 sighting in a concerted colaboration. This effort give us an idea of how the Mexican UFO research teams are tuned among each other.

Mr. Raul Orozco declared that the UFO fleet was located at a high altitude and by consequence the size of the spheres must have been considerable big and adds textually:

Mr. Orozco: "Always that I witness a sighting I call some other persons because I think it's important to have more witness to confirm what I'm videotaping. About the April 11, 2005 sighting I don't have any explanation yet because the event was very strange and unknown.

This video was shown to an expert in fluids who wish to keep his name anonimous. In his point of view he told me that these objects on the video don't behave like aerial objects but like if they were travelling in a kind of liquid enviroment. I know that sometimes we could be deceived by balloons but if we are good observers we will realize that there is a clear difference among balloons and a real UFO fleet specially in the flying path and whole movement.

Balloons always behave shaking and are guided by air draught. When they reach higher altitudes they scatter and take diferent directions. To be more specific I will show you a video of a bunch of balloons where you will clearly see when zooming to several of them their cord is visible.

It's important to use manual focus when taping to get better sharpness and avoid distorsions."

Mr. Raul Orozco changed the date on his videocamera during this balloons experiment to establish that this was not a legitimate sighting.

To get more deep into these investigations one must find out first if there was any important public event in the city that may have resulted in a throwing of balloons to the sky. Therefore I decided to interview a distinguished reporter from the Image Group as they are always covering those important public events and I think his statements are relevant to this case.

Mr. Gerardo Martinez Fernandez - Grupo Imagen : "In the month of April, 2005 there was only one massive event where many hundreds of balloons were thrown to the sky. This was a large concentration of people - for a political cause - gathered on the Zocalo ( Mexico city's bigger public square ) the morning of April 7, therefore I find hard to belive those balloons could remain in the sky till April 11 "

Another qualified opinion that complement this investigation is the statement from Mr. Enrique Kolbeck, Mexican air traffic controller that has reported in past ocasions presences of not identified echos in their radar screens. Mr. Kolbeck as an aeronautical expert gave me his comments after reviewing Mr. Raul Orozco's April 11, 2005 video.

Mr. Enrique Kolbeck:

"These objects don't have the characteristics of balloons neither the condition. They don't present the usual disorganized movements of balloons, on the countrary these anomalous objects behave themselves in a very arranged way.

I don't know what kind of phenomena could these sightings be categorized but these images are very similar to other videos of similar anomalous objects that we have reviewed and analyzed before where we have concluded these objects don't match any aeronautical concept known by us."

I questioned Mr. Kolbeck if these April 11th objects were detected by the airport radar that morning. He responded that nothing abnormal was detected by their radar the morning of April 11, 2005 but added that it was because those objects were below their radar detection range that is below 6 or 7 km. altitude. Kolbeck explained how he made this calculation because he also analyzed a similar video taken the same day and hour by another witness living near from Mr. Raul Orozco's place. In this video the objects appear below some high clouds ( cirrus ), element that allowed Mr. Kolbeck to calculate the altitude these objects were, coinciding with the estimation that this witness gave me at that time.

Another interesting coincidence that I would like to mention took place the exact day April 11 but last year 2004. Salvador Guerrero and myself had the chance of videotape the sighting of several anomalous objects over the city and this sighting attracted the attention of the media. The newspaper La Prensa published an article by reporter Pablo Chavez under the title, Are These UFO Fleets Videos Only Mistaken Interpretations Or Indeed Evidence Of The Unexplainable And Controversial UFO Phenomenon? - You Have The Best Opinion.

Ana Luisa Cid

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