May 8, 2005

A new footage showing the April 11, 2005 UFO fleet over Mexico city was presented tonight on national television as an update to the investigations on the UFO fleet incidents and responding to the excitement of the people following these very unusual events.

The video taken by Mr. Raul Orozco the morning of April 11, 2005 on the Viaducto Tlalpan was presented by researcher Ana Luisa Cid who commented all the details of the amazing sighting.

This footage is consistent with the video taken by Arturo Robles Gil the same day at the same hour even that Mr. Orozco and Mr. Robles Gil don't know each other. This two evidences confirmed the sighting took place and this update provided additional important issues.

During the presentation on Los Grandes Misterios TV show hosted by Jaime Maussan a clear recreation made with actual balloons was shown again to the audience comparing both videos ( the balloons and the UFO fleet ) explaining in detail how different the balloons act and behave in comparison with a real UFO fleet. The results were dramatically clear and served as a necesary test made by the research team to prove this is not a conventional aeronautic phenomena but something truly unexplained.

These tests with groups of balloons have been performed many times since the UFO fleets phenomena began in Mexico back in the 90's. As the recent incidents with UFO fleets have awakened so much interest as well as disconcert the people asked to see a comparison test with balloons to discard this posibility since there have been some massive political acts in the city and there was a reasonable doubt among the people.

It was explained that the only political manifestation in the month of April took place on April 7 and it was at a very diferent hour. Besides those balloons thrown were yellow and of course acted as usual. There was a UFO fleet videotaped the next day April 8 so it result imposible to belive that those balloons remained static on the sky all that time. On April 11 two fleets appeared again adding more suspense to the case.

An exclusive interview with aeronautical expert and Mexico city's International airport air traffic controller Mr. Enrique Kolbeck was also presented on the tv show commenting about the April 11 fleets videos and the balloons comparison test. As an aeronautical expert Mr. Kolbeck studied the videos and commented:

Enrique Kolbeck: "Definitely these objects ( The UFO fleets videos ) don't behave like balloons. They don't have the characteristics, the size or the disorganized condition that balloons present. Definitely these objects should have been detected by our radar if they could have moved under the conditions required and the necesary speed, however apparentelly they look very static or with a very little movement."

" These features allow me to visualize that this has nothing to do with any balloon neither similar to any known aeronautical concept to us. "

Mr. Kolbeck statements left no doubt of the authenticity of the April 11 incidents and their unknown nature and he is an expert in aeronautics who also handles the air traffic control of the world's most populated city airport, something to keep in mind.

The investigations on these amazing UFO fleets continues gathering all the evidences and data required, presenting every evaluation and result according to our compromise with the truth.

We speak with all the evidences on hand, not like those few deceitful debunkers that just talk without providing any single piece of evidence to support their allegations. These ignorant characters are well known by now and have been exposed here as well as their balloon-pellican naive speculations.

The people is not dumb and recognize that something very real and still unexplained is happening out there, something that deserves our interest and respect.



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