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August 31, 2005


A new poll on www.ufoindia.org asks the question 'How do you think we will discover life on other planets?' with different options ranging from:

A radio 'message' from outer space
Aliens will visit us
Evidence through space probes
An Earthlike inhabited planet seen through powerful telescope
Humans will explore other planets and find life

So far we have had a good response to our earlier polls (http://www.ufoindia.org/polls.htm) which have yielded some interesting information such as:

69 per cent of the respondents believe that extraterrestrial intelligence is already present on our world.

45 per cent that Mars is where we are most likely to find ET life in our solar system, 30 per cent say Europa and 19 per cent say Titan.

52 per cent say that technologically advanced aliens will also be more spiritually developed than human, while only 28 per cent say that spiritual development has nothing to do with technological development.

And an astounding 79 per cent say that extraterrestrial visitors were referred to as 'gods' by early civilisations.

This new poll is also aimed at creating new statistical information on the subject of extraterrestrial life and the search for extraterrestrial intelligence.

All are encouraged to vote in our newest poll at : http://www.ufoindia.org/#poll

You can always vote in any of our earlier polls by visiting: http://www.ufoindia.org/polls.htm


Prashant Solomon


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