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UFO Over Mexborogh : South Yorkshire

7th September 2007

By Philip Mantle

Special thanks go to Jan Patience, the editor of the newsstand publication BEYOND. The following was a 'letter to the editor' of BEYOND but as the magazine does not have a letters section Jan kindly asked me if I could respond to it. I have contributed several articles to BEYOND on the UFO subject and don't live too far away from where the sighting took place.

I have withheld the real names of the witnesses to this sighting hut do have then on file. Mr Christopher Stevenson (pseudonym) wrote to the editor of BEYOND on October 9th 2007. He stated:

"Dear Editor,

I have spoken over the phone to one of your male colleagues informing him of the problems that my wife and I have encountered in trying to get in touch with a UFO investigator to report a UFO sighting (7th Sep 2007).

We did report the ufo sighting the next day via the internet to BUFORA, the British UFO Research Association, who simply said 'thank you for reporting your sighting and sending the photo via email', but I haven't heard anything since. We have not met with an investigator to date. It is as if no one is particularly interested in UFOs anymore.

I had tried to contact some addresses from the internet for the old UFO investigators agencies that are still on the internet, but to my dismay they had all closed down or were doing other things like investigating 'big cats' etc.

I really have given up trying to give our report of the UFO sighting with photograph to an investigator, and have decided to go public on this through your magazine, on the basis that you please respect our privacy by not publishing our names or address.

I don't know whether you pay for UFO stories or photographs, but I would really would appreciate a complimentary copy of the magazine when/if you publish our report. Please find our report and photographs enclosed with this letter and please reply soon.

Thank you. Yours Sincerely C. Stevenson.

UFO over Mexborough.

This is our personnal witness statement from the start to finish of what my wife and I observed on the evening of Friday 7th September 2007.

It was shortly before 230 hours, my wife and I had been out walking our dog and we were heading on our way back home. When we got close to the end of our road (road name deleted to protect witness identity) near the bus stop my wife pointed out to be a very bright luminous piecing light in the sky to the south of us giving the appearance that it was shooting sprays of light out from it. There were no clouds that evening and no moon in the sky.

The light remained stationary for a while roughly two miles away above the fields and to the right of a local farm, which stands on a wooded hilltop overlooking the village of Old Denaby. We crossed over the road just as this light began to move north toward Mexborogh on a flight path that would take it over the rear of our house.

We went into the house and I got my digital camera out of the display unit. I then immediately went outside the back kitchen door into the garden where I stood on the gardens bench seat for a better vantage point to view and to capture this light on camera as it passed overhead. Unfortunately the glow went out but I still managed to get a single photograph of the underside of a strange circular object passing overhead.

The object was a greenish-orange colour with a number of small lights on its outer rim. My dog was barking frantically and running up and down the back yard setting off our security light obscuring my view. When the security light went out again the object had gone. The time was now exactly 2300 hours by my wristwatch. However, it is interesting to note that shortly after the object had gone overhead, a large heavy sounding aircraft followed in that same direction, north toward Adwick upon Dearne. The plane was undercover of darkness with only its flight lights on, but no cabin or passenger windows lit or visible.

The details of my digital camera are: Samsung with SHD lens zoom 7.4,22. - 2mm (Digimax S800).

The object bears a remarkable similarity to a reported sighting by the Chinese Air Force pilots over north China military frontier in June 1982 (enclosed clipping from Chinese UFO journal showing picture of this sighting).

I will stop here as I wish to add that my wife and I do not wish to publicise our names with this story because we really do value our privacy and we would like to remain anonymous for private and personal reasons please (can we do this ?).

Please do keep us informed, yours,

Mrs & Mrs Stevenson (real name and address on file).

Mr. Stevenson has supplied three photographs all of which are show here for your attention. They are 'interesting' but like a lot of such photographs they lack any real detail. It is therefore almost impossible to reach any definitive conclusion concerning the sighting in question.

There is no reason to doubt the sincerity of the witnesses and it is a great shame that a once fine UFO research and investigation organisation such as BUFORA are unable to respond. I was at one time the Director of Investigations for BUFORA and it saddens me to hear this.

It would seem to me by reading between the lines that the witnesses are looking for feedback on this sighting. If you have any comments or have seen something similar yourself then I will gladly pass it on to the witnesses direct. You can contact me via the magazines editorial address or via email at:

Special thanks to Jan Patience the editor of BEYOND magazine for forwarding this letter on to me.

Witness drawing

Photo showing possible object

Photo showing possible object