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Outside Barnstaple, U.K. UFO Sightings And Visitations By Alien Beings

HBCC UFO Research Note: First to the person who sent me the email/report. I have tried to email you back but I still am having problems getting an email to you. Also so everyone reading this report, I do know the witness and is very creditable. There is a man's name used in this report, his name is Ken and is his real name and reports and interviews were done and permission was given to use his first name only.

Hi Brian, A short while ago I thought I'd listen to one of your interviews - I chose: The Jeff Rense show with guest Brian Vike of HBCC Research (3/21/ 2006) interview with 'Ken'. - ( posted Feb 10th 2007. )

This February 10th 2007 - my husband '(name removed)' and I received a phone call saying we had to get up to Oxfordshire ASAP, as my husbands' dad was dieing. We left almost immediately and started out on the 200 miles journey. It was very dark and very late at night. I had noticed a UFO which had appeared to my left, it was emitting multi-colored lights and it stayed with us virtually all the way from just outside of Barnstaple.

The thing that prompted me to email you - (actually, I also emailed Derrel Sims about this too). Was a couple of things that 'Ken' mentioned in his interview.

Before I continue I want to add that I had not previously listened to this interview, at that time Feb/March 07 was a very upsetting time for us all as my father in-law passed away on 10th Feb 07.

Getting to the point now: Re: The Jeff Rense show with guest Brian Vike (3/21/ 2006 ) posted 10th Feb 2007.

Re: Ken's interview: Ken said that he had seen something come down off his bedroom ceiling. I froze when I heard him saying this, because I have been seeing things in our bedroom very late at night/early hours of the morning sometimes and have never heard anyone else say the same thing! Also the triangles he saw on his inner forearms, he said were both 4 inches equilateral. I had a triangle mark in about 2002 which was approx 4cm equilateral on one wrist only. I discovered it on going to the bathroom when I was about to wash my hands. I noticed a small triangle on my inner arm between my wrist and hand, but it had vanished by the next day at the time. I could not wake my husband up to tell him, so he didn't see it. I did mention it to him the next day and I also mentioned it to my doctor when I had gone to see him about something else. He said I must have had an imprint from something that was either in or on the bed.

My husband has seen these objects also from time to time, obviously we try to rationalize what it could be. We've thought of "optical floaters" etc etc. The last one I saw was a kind of a darkish diamond type shape, kind of like the star shaped one that I saw ages ago - rather like those mesh type stars you can get as Christmas tree decorations that's made out of wire. I've seen that, but this other one, had a diamond type shape to it. Then the very last thing I saw, I was lying on my back in bed looking up to the ceiling when my heart almost came up into my throat so to speak! I thought I saw something inside our bedroom lampshade.

(We have one of those up side down lamp shades directly above our bed) I saw a small dark shadowy type figure to one side of it inside the actual lamp shade, when I had a sharp in-take of breath because it scared me. It appeared as if it crept back inside the lampshade, then I thought, ok, maybe it's just my eyes playing tricks on me. I needed to use the bathroom, so went to the bathroom, got back into bed and I turned onto my left side facing the bedroom window. I made-out that I was going to sleep, pulled the duvet up high over my shoulders and tried not to show any emotion. I had a very eerie feeling, I glanced up to my right and there it was. I said 'get out of here, leave me alone' and it just turned to mist. The other shapes I've seen have always gone out towards the bedroom window. One night, my husband told me he had lay awake in bed not being able to sleep. He said he had watched an object come in via our bedroom window (which was shut) and do a kind of scan around the perimeter of our bedroom ceiling (he could see this, because a lot of light from the street light was coming in around the edges of the curtains), he said it was about the size of his tobacco tin and he said that I was fast asleep. He didn't want to wake me and disturb this object, he said he wanted to know what the heck it was doing. He said after it had encircled the entire bedroom and it just left through the same area at the top corner above our curtains and was gone. The very last one he saw, he said looked kind of like a crab as it seemed to crawl across the ceiling (my husband is totally uninterested in UFOs, he's not religious, he's an agnostic. He is scientific minded though and always tries to rationalize what something might be, like optical floaters etc.

Larry Dicken and Jerry Pippin have all these details - and now, because I had a "suspected " implant I discovered in my very "private" area, Jerry suggested Derrel Sims to me. I have been emailing Derrel about what I've seen throughout my life.

Many Thanks Brian,

Take care - you're doing a brilliant job!.

Thank you to the witness for the really interesting report of what has been going on with her and her husband.

Brian Vike, Director HBCC UFO Research.
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[UFOINFO thanks Brian Vike for passing this report on.]