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Upstate New York Unusual Happenings In My Life

Date: 2005-2006

Dear Brian, I thank very much for the quick response to my e-mail. Well, now that we know each other some what. I will tell you now about the things that have been happening in my life as of 2005-2006. It all starts with Christmas of 2004. My wife bought me a telescope [in the medium range of telescopes] as I had always wanted one. I have been interested in the stars since I was young in upstate NY. I started a weekly routine of going out early in the morning hours to looks at the stars with my new telescope. Sometime in the beginning of the year I saw my first strange object in space. I saw what I thought at the time was a huge explosion in space. I saw one early morning two cylindrical objects just appear in the direction of the Pleiades and travel at a very high speed in a northerly direction. During the daytime I was outside with my binoculars sitting in my hot tub scanning the sky when all of a sudden a red triangular object caught my eye traveling very high up through the cumulus nimbus clouds covering the sky that particular day.

Now this is the one that bothers me until this very day. I was outside say about 3:00 am and had a large flashlight with me and my really good binoculars. That morning the stars seemed to act strange to me. What I'm trying to say is they seemed to move but, you weren't sure whether you saw what you saw or maybe your eyes were playing tricks on you. Anyway, this star like light traveling at a cruising speed flew over me at a reasonably high elevation. I shined my flashlight in his or its direction. It stopped, so did my heart. I stood there looking up and it turn in a wide arc and came back up over me. It just sat there high up above me and I felt scared, thinking maybe it was scanning me. It was the weirdest feeling like your being watched by something. While I was fixed on the object I had not noticed a second light came up along side the first one. If you noticed I said these were star like, white spheres.

I went in the house. All I could think about is what have I done, maybe this might jeopardize my family. I was really stressing out over this. I went to our spare bedroom on the other side of our house and peeked out the window. They were still there. They stayed up there until the morning light started coming up. Since this incident I see star movement all the time and since this incident there comes a sound that at first drove me crazy. It sounds like a car sometime at a long way off but then it seems to come at a very high speed outside, like someone is racing the engine outside somewhere. Sometime it intense, other times it toned down some. I have had my ears checked and nothing is wrong. I had a heart attack in April of 2006.

They did a angioplasty on me and found a small blockage in one of the branches that go into the heart. It was scary but, not like that night when I shine my light on an object high in the sky and got a reaction. I can look out my window almost any night and see what seems to me to be a star but when I put the binoculars on it, it seems to come alive, pulsating moving in and out of this big tree in our neighbor yard. It's like it knows when I look. While I was home recuperating I did not here the sound or did I see aggressive stars or ? I'm a 61 year old man retired from a large utility company and I never thought this would happen to me. I never really believed in such things UFOs but, I certainly do now. I still shine my light whenever I feel like it. It's strange because those light still interact with the light. Maybe I'm playing with fire. I think or hope nothing has happened yet. Thank You Brian.

Thank you to the witness for the report.

Brian Vike, Director
HBCC UFO Research