'USAAF' UFO Research Pre-1947

Article by Wendy Connors

10th August 1999

Research Release:

On a recent research trip to Dayton, Ohio, Wendy Connors and Mike Hall recovered some new information that directly impacts the historical record of Ufology. This information comes from a very knowledgable and inside source to the inner workings of Project's SIGN, Grudge and Blue Book. This source desires to remain unnamed at this point in time and both Mike and I will certainly honor his desires. No discussion as to who the source might be will be entertained by us. This source did, however, work directly with the people comprising SIGN, Grudge and Blue Book for many years and was not only friends, but part of a good old boy's network within T-2.

The following information is shared with all of our fellow researchers:

Prior to 1947, in the fall and winter months of 1946, not only was the Navy deeply investigating the Ghost Rocket phenomena in the Baltic, but many sightings of disc-like craft were being reported by military pilots at this same time. Some sightings were in the Pacific areas as well as over the United States. Many of these cases are still unknown to the ufological community.

In late 1946, Colonel Howard McCoy, Colonel Miles Goll and two other officers within T-2 Intelligence set up a Top Secret office away from T-2 proper to begin looking into the flying discs being reported. At this time such an investigation was beyond the scope of T-2 and no authorization had been given for such an investigation. Although the office was used as a base of operations for analysis of these military sightings, it was not official, nor had Air Force Intelligence (A2 or AFOIN) sanction to do so.

By the time of the Kenneth Arnold and other early 1947 cases, A2 decided to begin investigation of the flying discs. Word was passed down through Gen. Carl T. Spaatz that AFOIN should begin looking into the situation. Word had leaked out to Gen. George McDonald that several officers at T-2 had already begun looking into some of the reports. In order to prevent the upper eschelons from learning that this unofficial investigation had already begun over seven months earlier, and time and money had been used, a paper trail was needed to cover the fact that this unauthorized investigation had begun without approval. This was accomplished quickly by T-2 sending requests to AFOIN (A2) for all prior reports of disc sightings by the military as well as the Ghost Rocket investigations that had been in progress for almost a year.

In order to further cover and make the previous unauthorized investigations legitimate, Gen. Nathan Twining complied with an emergency request from Gen. McDonald, through Gen. Schulgen that an opinion be written regarding the flying discs. This was unique, because at the time of the Twining Memo, T-2 was not answerable to AMC. T-2 was solely stationed at Wright Field due to the fact that much of the support elements T-2 needed were all ready in place at Dayton. After June 14, 1947, T-2 was only an administrative area for AMC. The officers comprising T-2 answered only to A2 (AFOIN) and not through the chain of command at AMC. The Twining memo was definitely for real, but it was produced under different circumstances than was previously believed.

Capt. Edward J. Ruppelt, in his book, "The Report on Unidentified Flying Objects" had stated that although the investigations of flying discs had begun by August 1947, it was not an official investigation. This new information validates Ruppelt, but Ruppelt was not privy to the fact that the flying disc investigations began almost 10 months earlier. There has always been a question about Ruppelt's acumen regarding the beginning point of the flying disc investigation and now it seems imperative that Ruppelt's work be more closely examined and analyized. Fran Ridge is already hard at work regarding this aspect.

This new information has caused much excitement between Mike and myself. We have enough documentation gathered to show that this new information is valid and will be shared in its entirety in the coming months. However, our research is still on-going and other important elements regarding the early investigations and people involved have been recovered and continuing to be recovered. This information will also be passed on to the list members at the appropriate time. We are still evaluating all the new information.

One further note to share with interested list members. Our source was an extremely close friend and associate with Col. Harold Watson. He confirms that Col. Watson was still heading ATIC during October, 1951 and Col. Dunn was working closely with Col. Watson.

Both Mike and I hope this new information will be of benefit to our fellow researchers.

Wendy Connors and Michael Hall
Project SIGN and Project Blue Book Research Centers

Article taken from the UFO UpDates Mailing List and posted with permission.

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