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Military ATC At Biggs AFB, Texas - His Consequences After UFO Sighting

Date: 1964 or 1965

HBCC UFO Research Note: The gentleman who reported for the first time this UFO event at Biggs AFB, Texas got a not so good of a surprise after observing a UFO while he was on duty. It is such a shame that servicemen and women are put through the ringer for doing their jobs.

You can listen to the actual interview with the witness talking about his experience over Biggs AFB in Texas here at the following link.

Also I would really like to request that if any other military people, serving or now retired from active service, if they have had a UFO experience while on duty to "please" send in your reports to me here at HBCC UFO Research. It makes a huge difference and hopefully one day we may learn the truth from the ones who hold the information in secret, meaning our government.

I have lived with this since it happened in 1964 or 1965. I was an air traffic controller for the Air Force at Biggs AFB, Texas. I was on duty alone for the midshift. At about 2:00 a.m. or so, radar approach control came on the speaker asking if I had an inbound. I responded that I did not. He mentioned that there was something out over the military range north of the field maneuvering. I was asked to look with my binoculars and did so and saw nothing. This went on for an hour or so and then the rapcon operator advised me that the craft was making what appeared to him to be an approach to my runway. By that time I started getting calls from security, and base-ops and a slew of others that had the ability to contact the tower. I was questioned as to that I saw, which by that time was visible on the final to my runway, which was 21/03. He was making a perfect approach on my instrument landing system glideslope and localizer. It was just an object that seemed to glow, at least it made itself visible by its own light.

By that time, I was getting called by strategic air command post and asked "airman, what do you think you see?". I was a bit innocent in that I didn't at the time suspect that he was wanting me to deny what I was experiencing. At the same time, I was getting calls on the primary military frequency on uhf from what I later found out was Air Defense Command. Using the land based transmitter he was using is not legal, so at first I thought it was an aircraft. He asked what I saw, to which I attempted to describe to him. As we were talking, he came on and exclaimed in an agitated voice, "Holy shit, it just busted through one hundred thousand!!!". I saw the object streak straight up and out of my vision as it went past my range of vision due to the ceiling. I was hammered for hours by a major from SAC asking what I had smoked, drank or what medications I was on. As I mentioned before, I was a very honest person, so I continued to insist on what I had seen. By that time, security had sent a squad, very well armed and led by a young second Lieutenant, who ordered me to surrender my log, stood by while I was told what to enter, and after he was satisfied I had not entered what I had entered in my original log, he asked to surrender the tapes. I resisted as best as I could telling him that I was not to allow anyone to remove the tape recordings from my custody. He indicated to me that I had no options, as he was armed and had several security personnel very well armed. He took the keys from me and forced me to remove all the tapes from the time I came on duty.

We only had one line that wasn't recorded, and after they left, that phone rang, it was the civilian tower asking me if I was alone and if I could talk. He was an ex Biggs air traffic controller and knew my tower well. He asked me to not say a thing until I walked out on the catwalk on the outside of the tower. He told me to not say I saw anything because I would be interrogated and driven out of my mind by the military. I thanked him for the advice and went back inside. I was called again during the course of the shift by Sac command post. The last time I spoke to the officer I was still adamant as to what I saw. His first words when he called that time was to inform me that I was to report to the flight surgeon for a medical and mental examination, and not to leave the base until they allowed me to go. I lived off base. Since I was given the advice by the civilian controller I now recanted, and told him that after thinking about it, I really didn't see much.

There is a lot more to this, but I would like to make contact with you people to see if anything was ever recorded about that encounter. I also was on duty when a civilian contractor flying what was called logair, departed my field flying up the corridor to White Sands when they came on screaming about the lights that were attacking them. They were very agitated and crying and almost losing control of the C47 that they were flying. I never reported that based on my previous experience. Controllers at approach control and the civilian tower and I communicated over the unrecorded phone line, so I wasn't making this up.

The way the government treats these encounters makes it almost impossible to prove that these things really happened. To the point that had I not mentioned it to my now deceased ex wife, I would not have believed it either.

I have never drank alcohol, taken drugs, even am reluctant to take prescription medications unless I must. So I have never been addicted or used any substances that would alter my thinking. I would like to communicate with someone that is in a position to help to research this and other sightings.

Thank you.

Thank you to the gentleman for his fascinating report, also for taking his time to come onto the Jeff Rense radio program to explain what went on at Biggs AFB in Texas many years ago.

Brian Vike, Director HBCC UFO Research.
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