U.S. Army M.P. (Military Policeman) Speaks On UFOs

HBCC UFO Research Note: I was granted permission to post this letter, and leave in any names.

Message: I spent 12 years in the U.S. Army. From 1973 to 1976 as an M.P. (Military Policeman) working undercover for the D.S.T. (Drug Suppression Team) - C.I.D. (Criminal Investigation Division) in Germany. Basically, I traveled throughout Germany, wearing civilian clothes and pretending I was a former soldier that now resided in Germany dealing narcotics. My codenames were Porkchops or Frisco, depending on what part of Germany I was at. I went after what was known as the "Khaki Mafia" that originated in Vietnam. The perpetrators recognized me, because I was known to wear a black trench coat, sunglasses, dark clothes and at the time I was sporting a beard and mustache. But, before this excitement took place I was in Ft. Jackson, South Carolina in 1974 on a training exercise. One night, two other soldiers and I were in Columbia, South Carolina checking out the sights and we looked in the sky and saw 6 glowing blue discs in formation. As we watched the UFOs dispersed in erratically zig zagging movements and disappeared quickly. The first thing that came out of one soldier's mouth was 'geese?' We looked at him and said 'no way!'. That was my first time experiencing a UFO encounter and it stayed with me for a long, long time.

In September 1976, I had another UFO encounter. This time I was out of the Army and living with my former girlfriend Helen Lang in an apartment. One night, she came running back inside the apartment screaming. I asked her what was wrong. She said that a UFO was hovering 200 feet above her head. I didn't see anything. I noticed she was hysterically crying. I drove her to the Sacramento Sheriff's Department and they had her use their phone to call an 800 number to call Dr. Allen Hynek of the Chicago, Illinois Bureau of UFO Investigations. Dr. Hynek sent us some forms to fill out, so she could describe what she saw. Dr. Hynek later called me and asked what I was doing. I told him I was watching "Dick Van Dyke's The Comic" on TV. He asked what happened when Helen was screaming outside, I said the TV went on the blink, it displayed static and I was trying to fix the TV, when I heard her screaming. He told me that when UFOs hover nearby, that they cause disturbances on car engines, TVs and radios. This was a normal occurrence. Later I learned that 2 other people in Sacramento saw the same UFO in two different locations and it was reported in the Sacramento Bee.

From 1979 to 1986 I was back in the U.S. Army. This time I joined Military Intelligence and I was stationed at PIC-K (Photo Interpretation Center - Korea). This time my code name was "Hollywood or Joe Hollywood", I wore a black suit now and I was clean-cut. I kept the sunglasses though. My job as a 97 Bravo (Intelligence Analyst) was to work with Image Interpreters in identifying targets in North Korea and Red China, such as T-72 tanks, etc. I would create what is called a "sitmap" pinpointing targets discovered by Image Interpreters, that studied reconnaissance aerial photographs. I would categorize certain photos. We would go on what is called a 'hot run' from Seoul, Korea (Yongsan Barracks) to Osan Air Force Base. The vehicle would display a placard that indicated that the vehicle could not be stopped for any reason. There was a combination lock on the trunk of the vehicle and a combination lock in the suitcase inside the trunk, the driver and myself would have ½ of the combination to open the trunk and the suitcase. We would place the hotrolls (film) into the suitcase and head back to Seoul. During my time as an Intelligence Analyst I categorized 6 photos taken by reconnaissance satellites of what appeared to be UFOs.

The UFOs moved on their own accord, as if they were guided by some kind of intelligence. Therefore the 6 photos were significant by Military Intelligence. The photos moved up the intelligence chain from Military Intelligence to DIA (Defense Intelligence Agency) to CIA (Central Intelligence Agency). From there, I don't know where the photos went. While at PIC-K, I worked with Air Force Intelligence, Navy Intelligence, DIA, CIA, Marine Recon, US Army (Green Beret) Special Forces, 101st Airborne, US Army Rangers, 82nd Airborne, Delta Force, Navy Seals. It was necessary for us to work closely with certain elite military groups. Another strange photo I once saw was given to me to categorize. It was a photo of an American POW in Vietnam, taken in 1981. The photo went into a metallic box with a combination lock and disappeared up the intelligence channel. The spooks (intelligence personnel) I worked with, would never discuss UFOs. Most spooks belonged to some sort of secret society, most were Freemasons and I was a Rosicrucian. When I departed Korea, I signed up for the 82nd "Screaming Eagles" Airborne and Special Forces training and they were ready to send me to Ft. Gordon, Georgia and Ft. Bragg, North Carolina and I was called to do a special assignment.

I received an H identifier and became an Army instructor and taught the Soviet Threat for OPFOR (Opposing Forces). I wore a Russian uniform, ski mask, black gloves and talked with a fake Russian accent and called myself "Corporal Dowbowski". I would instruct the Soviet Threat, teaching the W.E.F.T. (Wings, Engine, Fuselage and Tail) on Soviet Aircraft, kill zones on Soviet aircraft and land roaming vehicles, the use of many Soviet weapons from the AK-47 to the SVD Sniper Rifle in which I was proficient in. During my time with OPFOR, I learned from Intelligence circles, that the Russian KGB also knew and were aware of what exactly UFOs were and where they came from.

To this day, I don't know the answers to the UFO mystery, but hopefully one day our Government will disclose what they know to the public.

Brian, you have full permission to publish my report. Those were many years ago and Helen Lang's UFO claim was fully published in the Sacramento Bee, there is nothing new there that wasn't published back in '76.

I still work for the government...but, where I work now is what I wouldn't want to disclose. You can disclose my previous work with the government, I have no qualms about it and most people are aware of my previous background. You can publish the article in its entirety.

Thank you to the person for relating the story to me.


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