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Strange Lights and Noises in Skowhegan, Maine

UFOINFO E-mail Report



I would like to report something that's really strange, but am not sure it's a UFO.

I have a hunting camp located on an old abandoned county road. It's rather isolated being 2.5 miles in the woods from a small village, and there is no power supply.

On Wednesday evening (October 11th), while looking out the front window of my camp towards the end of a field, I saw what I thought were headlights coming up over a small hill, on the main road . Suddenly they made a 90 degree right turn, (where there is no road), and shined in the direction of the woods for a very brief time, and then they went out. Then, in the same direction, a very bright area appeared approx. 100 ft. from the main road. It was a huge glow which lit up the the whole tree-line (which was emanating from the ground upwards) just behind the big tall firs. It also lit up all the other surrounding woods. At first, I thought it might be a helicopter, but I didn't hear a helicopter sound. And, the light wasn't a single beam coming down from the sky, it was emanating from the ground upwards, and lighting up the whole surrounding area.

Then, the brilliant glow that lit up the whole area started moving around my camp. First it would be beside the camp at a distance of approx. 50 yds., then it would move around to the back, where it appeared to be a little closer. Then it would move back to it's original position at the distant end of the field, down into a small valley. At this point I became concerned. While it was moving , I could see beams of light shining from it onto the face of the trees, and in through my camp windows. As it moved closer to the camp, I became very frightened and wanted to leave, but it was dark, and I didn't dare to go outside long enough to get into my Jeep. I then found a "safe bunkbed" where the lights were partially blocked by the inside structure of the camp, and curled up in my sleeping bag like " a scared rabbit" for quite a while, until the lights made their way back down towards the end of the field , where they were the farthest from the camp. I then got up enough courage to look out one of the front windows with binoculars to see what/where the lights were coming from. But, every time I did this , my view was always obscured by the trees/woods, or a small hill above the valley at the end of the field. When it was in that valley I could see the entire outline of the big tall fir trees, the adjacent woods, and the entire field, but I still could not see the source of the brilliant light. (In retrospect, I think that "whatever it was", always kept itself surrounded by the firs/hardwoods, --a buffer zone-- so that it couldn't be seen).

Then it would leave the valley and make it's way back up to my camp , always skirting the backside of the firs and hardwoods, until it got around to the back of it . Then it would start heading back towards the field via the same route. I don't know how close "whatever it was" got to the camp because every time it started getting closer, I slid down further into my sleeping bag, closed my eyes, and prayed. This continued throughout the night, until morning.

I wanted to leave camp that morning but didn't, because I thought it was all over, that it was a one-time-thing, and it probably wouldn't happen again, and I had work to do around camp. Besides, we were due for some rainy/windy weather, and it surely wouldn't happen under those conditions, so I decided to stay another night. Well, this turned out to be a big mistake , because shortly after sunset ,to the South of the camp, in behind the thick firs, I saw the woods and surrounding area beginning to light up. At this point, I felt a sense of panic and wanted to leave , but under the circumstances thought I'd be safer inside the camp. So once again, still too frightened to go outside and leave in my Jeep, I decided to sleep up in the attic of my camp, where there are only two small windows, one on each end. By this time I had also concluded that if "whatever it was", had meant to harm me, they would have done it by now.

Well, that night turned out to be one of the worst ! Lights were flashing all the way around the surrounding tree line, and even into the second-story small windows of the camp. And occasionally , when all this was happening, I could actually feel the camp vibrating. During this time, I also heard a sound which I can't describe (high-pitched electrical ?) and what sounded like a small muffled explosion, followed by the sound of churned up gravel, in the road that runs parallel (approx. 30 ft.) to my camp. At this point (around 1:00 A.M.) I was so scared that I could barely move in my sleeping bag, didn't dare to look out either window, kept a loaded handgun and flashlight nearby which I had gotten ready earlier, and prayed for daylight ! The lights and occasional weird sounds continued, until dawn finally broke. Then everything ceased, I was o.k, and very glad to see daylight !

The next day (Friday) I wanted to go back home, but decided to wait until my neighbors (*** and *****) drove in to their camp which is approx. 1.5 miles down the road from mine. They usually come in on Friday afternoons, and I wanted to ask them if they had ever seen anything like what I had witnessed. Well, I waited and waited, thinking that they were just running late, and it was getting closer and closer to sunset. Although I was starting to get a little panicky, I decided that if they came through when it was dark, I would signal them with my flashlight, and then they would be able to witness, what I had been seeing. Well, *** and ***** never showed up, and the glow behind the woods was starting up again, and I ended up spending another frighting night "hunkered down" in the attic of the camp. Saturday morning finally came, and I drove up to their camp and waited , but they didn't arrive until noon. I told them what had happened, and when they saw how scared I was they offered to let me sleep in their camp on Saturday night, which I did.

I returned to my camp early Sunday morning, because I still had some trimming of the brush/woods to finish up, and planned on leaving at 5:00 p.m. But, around 3:00 o'clock in the afternoon, I began to hear the low-pitched rhythmic humming sound coming from the woods, that I had been hearing everyday, since all this began. So, feeling a little panicky, knowing that "whatever it was", was still there, I realized what would be happening in a few more hours, and I wanted to get out of there A.S.A.P. !! So, I packed up my Jeep, closed up the camp, and left in a hurry, around 4:00 p.m.

There are many more details which I have omitted because I feel this email is too long, but I will expound a little more on the daily humming : While working outside my camp , every once in a while, I'd hear a low-rhythmic humming sound coming from the woods, down beyond the tree line, in the direction of the glow. I heard this sound every day. Initially, I could hear it from my camp porch, but as I trimmed the brush/fields back closer to the tree line, the sound also moved further back. So, I now have to walk half-way down the field to hear it. I feel that if I were brave enough to walk down into the woods alone, and followed the sound to it's source, I'd probably find "whatever it is". But, having been so frightened, I just can't do it.

While working outside, I've also heard what sounds like a vehicle coming from a long distance--rumble like sound--(only you don't hear the gravel moving under the tires, or the sound of an automobile engine)either to the left or right of me, out near the road. I look up expecting someone to go by, but no one does. On several occasions when this happens, I've gone out into the road and looked in both directions, and there's no sign of anything or anybody. This sound also accompanied the lights I initially saw on the first night. I think it may have accompanied all the commotion with the lights and sounds around camp during the terrifying nights too, but I can't remember with any certainty, perhaps because I was so frightened. I want to say it did, but I'm not sure.

I'm really going to miss staying overnight in my little camp, but I'm certainly not going to miss all the lights and panic that I felt. "I've never been so scared in my entire life".

Work around the camp is still not done, so I'm going up to camp this morning (Tues./17th). If the low humming sound is still there, I won't panic, because it's daytime. But, whether I hear the hum or not, I'm going to make damn sure that I'm out of there, well before dark !!

In conclusion, I don't know what this thing was, but I strongly suspect that it might be extraterrestrial in origin, and that's why I'm contacting you. So, if you have any pertinent information, I would appreciate it, if you would send it along via email. Or, if you wish, you may contact me by phone.